Paint and a New Light in the Spare Room

The last time I talked about our Spare Room makeover, I had just spent way too many hours scraping popcorn off the ceiling (you can read about that here) and I was pretty much dead.

But I couldn’t rest yet.

Once the scraping was over with, it was time for another big job: painting. Luckily I don’t mind painting too much, especially since I ditched painter’s tape in favour of a life-changing Purdy paintbrush and started cutting in.

This room needed to be painted top to bottom, since the ceiling had been scraped and needed to go flat white, the walls were ready for the room colour and I wanted a pop of navy blue in the closet.


You can see my paint colour plans in my design plan.

And to refresh your memory, here is the baby blue the room used to be.


Like I said in my popcorn ceiling post, I started by giving the ceiling two coats of flat white ceiling paint. I waited about an hour between coats, and I broke my fancy pole about three strokes in so that I had to maneuver around on a ladder for the rest of it.

Next I worked on the closet because honestly, I was excited for the navy blue.

I did two coats on this as well.

I did take down the closet shelf and wrap some tape around the pole before painting.


By this point both me and Remy were about this tired (above) so I decided to just cut in the first coat on the walls before heading to bed.

To cut in, I load up my Purdy brush with my paint, and start by brushing it on next to the trim but not touching it. after a few initial strokes there, I wiggle it up next to the trim and start to make my way along the trim.

The bristles almost flatten out to make sure paint gets on the wall but not the trim edge. I can do this and take pictures at the same time so that goes to show you it’s really not too hard.


This is what it looks like after my first pass.


I cut in around all trim, electrical, the ceiling, and corners before going to sleep. To save my brush (or my roller) overnight I just wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge.


The next day I worked on the first coat with the roller.


Unfortunately the blue just did not want to go away.


This was what it looked like after two coats and you can tell it was still a bit splotchy.


By the time Max got home on Monday I was just finishing up the third and final coat, and he helped me roll the last two walls.


And we were ready for light! Max installed this right away and we were finally able to put away the extremely warm worklight (below, Remy laying in the heat).


I couldn’t wait to see what the new light looked like in the daytime.


I love it. I think it is classic and perfect, and most importantly, not a kitchen fan or a boob light. For $35 I couldn’t go wrong. This picture also shows the wall and ceiling colours really well.


I can’t get over the flat ceiling with the new light, I’m really glad we got rid of the popcorn.


And now we’re ready for a wall treatment!


Let me know if you have any questions.

Linked up via Thrifty Décor Chick.



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