Stripping Pallets for Days

It’s been a little bit since I last updated you on the status of our spare room makeover, and truth be told I haven’t done much work since I finished painting.

Max has, though, so I thought I would share what he’s been up to over the past week.

He started by bringing home a stack of pallets from work. We are very lucky to have them readily available to us, and I let him know that I wanted a mixture of brown and grey tones so he could pick out some good pallets. You can also see our sad bent fence in the background after a Poplar tree fell on it recently.

I know these pictures are dark, which is not ideal, but it’s getting dark earlier and earlier, with light gone by 6:30 pm now! He decided to start working on stripping the boards off right there in the driveway by the headlights of his truck.

I call it stripping and not dismantling because we only take the one side of the pallet wood. I don’t want to dismantle the entire pallet for use, hence we are stripping one face of it.

He worked for a while at prying the boards off with a hammer and crossbar but it became clear after over an hour with only two boards freed and both cracked, that this was not working.

Stripping pallets is never an easy job, which I’m sure Max remembers from when we built out pallet bar, but it shouldn’t be THIS hard. I think the last time we did it, the pallets were in a more decrepit state and were therefore a bit easier to strip.

After a day or two, watching some youtube tutorials, and moving the pallets into the workshop, Max fired up his new reciprocating saw (which I got him for his birthday) to tackle the pallets. I asked whether he was sure he could use this beautiful new tool to do this and he ensured me it was a special blade for metal and it was meant to do this sort of thing.

So, after prying the boards up a tiny bit, he slid the saw blade under and sliced through the nails. This works way better that trying to pry off every board. He slices all the wood off the pallet right through the nails, and then hammers the nails out from the back. He said that if I didn’t want the rustic look of the nail holes it would be even easier to just cut each board off the pallet, but I like to make things more difficult.

These pallets were obviously holding some kind of drums, and I’m excited to see the effect of this distressing once the boards are up on the wall in the spare room.

Here you can see some recently stripped boards (above).

And our lumber pile is certainly growing with the addition of the pallet wood!

Soon we will have enough to start putting them up on the wall in the spare room and I can’t wait!

In other news, we picked this sink up off the side of the road. It’s a little dirty but otherwise in great shape, and I wanted it just for the faucet if anything, which is a lot better than some of the ones we have in our house!

My initial thought is to put this in the basement bathroom, but I have to make sure I have enough tiles to patch the area where the old ugly laundry type cabinet is. I painted the cabinet in this post, but a pedestal sink would be an even greater improvement.

Stay tuned to see what I come up with.

Let me know if you have any questions.




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