Shopping: Christmas Explosion

I did it. 

I went to Homesense and did my standard lap around and looked at EVERYTHING. 

And walked out empty handed. 

The main reason for this was the Christmas explosion that took over the store. I don’t decorate for Christmas until after Remembrance Day, and until I pull out all my stuff and make note of what I might need to buy new this year, I’m not about to go nuts in Homesense. 

Also I’m going from Thunder Bay for work this week to Winnipeg for a concert. Plus I have two more Winnipeg trips planned already so I’m not too concerned with my shopping opportunities right now. 

But I did see a lot of cool stuff I liked. 

I loved these marble cutting boards and I thought the metal pitcher with the leather handle was pretty. 

They had a ton of Christmas tablecloths. I really like this “Well Dressed Home” brand and I have quite a few things from them. 

They also had this fur table runner that I thought was awesome! The backing was navy blue too but I’d be really worried about spilling food on it. 

They also had a lot of these cute Kate Spade oven mitt and dish towel sets which I liked. 

I thought these Christmas art pieces were interesting. 

Lots of stuff that they put out for “Christmastime” are things that I would use in my house year round. Lots of antlers, stars, deer print, fur, plaid. This blanket was a good example of that. 

I also really liked this blanket and thought the plaid backing was nice but I already have a nice fur blanket from The Bay. 

I really want velvet curtains for the spare room but I decided to wait until we were more ready for them. These ones also weren’t as soft as I wanted. 

I also looked for a new rod but I think I want a chrome one. 

I thought this stool was pretty. 

I want a new rug for the kitchen that covers more of the area rather than just in front of the sink. I liked these but I need one with a non slip back. Also the current rug is memory foam so I want to replace it with something equally soft to make Max happy. 

Velvet is still very popular. I liked the colour and texture of this couch. Perhaps for a future nest chair? 

I thought this galvanized arrow piece was cool. 

And this “B” arrow! Too bad I am collecting “M” now. 

They also had a lot of deer heads for the wall for Christmas. I would leave some of  these up year round. 

These pillows were down filled and so pretty. I love the buffalo check plaid back and the deer in the front.  

And Christmas is here! I like the more traditionally coloured things more than the silver or gold. 

I thought this candlestick was interesting but would want a pair. 

I loved these wooden stars. They were like huge ornaments but I would leave them up all year. 

I also checked out the Christmas napkins which were very cute! I buy seasonal napkins for my dining room table. 

And that’s enough for today! 

After I left Homesense empty handed I went to Home Depot and spent all my money but that’s a story for another post. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 


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