My Dream Living Room

Max and I are at a point in our lives right now where we’re not exactly flush with cash all the time.

Most of our furniture was handed down, found at yard sales or thrift stores and given a makeover, or purchased from HomeSense for a steal, because we just can’t afford to buy everything we could ever want for our house right this second.

I love to update our house as I go and as funds are available, and I love DIY, so I don’t necessarily need my ideal room at the moment, and I don’t mind doing things slowly.

But I can dream.


And I can photoshop.

Max and I recently purchased our first real piece of furniture together. Our mattress was purchased for us by his parents when we moved in together and paired with a DIY headboard, and our house came with some couches that weren’t pretty but were perfectly functional, and I got my other set of couches off a friend for $100. Therefore, we had never gone shopping for a bedroom or living room suite before and buying our first chair was awesome.

I plan to do a whole post on our experience ordering a custom piece of furniture in the future, but for now, let’s look at the dream living room that I built around the chair we ordered as well as a gorgeous couch from Arhaus.


This is the Brentwood 94″ Two Piece Leather Sectional in Bronco Whiskey and it is stunning. I love the idea of a medium brown leather sofa for our living room, and even though this one is currently on sale, it is still out of my budget.

I actually waffled on whether to include a sectional or a regular sofa in this dream design, since technically only a standard sofa would fit in the room. I love the chaise side of this sectional though, and since I’m just dreaming I went for it. I added some navy velvet pillows on the couch (which match the heavy navy velvet drapes I included) as well as this beautiful beaded deer head pillow, also from Arhaus.


For the rug, I selected this Dash and Albert Herringbone one from Wayfair in navy that I have had my eye on for awhile.


I like the subtle pattern, but it is still fairly neutral.

You may notice that I included the same coffee table that is currently in my living room. Even though it is from IKEA, I wouldn’t change it even in my dream living room – I love that table!


On top of the table I added this pretty tray from Arhaus, I love the patina and a good tray to corral items on a coffee table is ideal. In the tray I put Habitat, a good coffee table book by fellow blogger Lauren Liess, and my favourite candle (Capri Blue Volcano, found here)

I also included my current gallery wall, because I still love it and I’m proud of how it turned out. My favourite part of it are the antlers, which are real, but if you don’t have access to a hunter like Max you could consider something like this.


It is made of wood but gives the same effect as a real bust!

The crank tables I included as end tables are meant to represent the cool crank one I have now – though ideally I would have a second matching one for the other side of the couch as shown.


This is the chair we recently ordered, which would go in my ideal living room as well. It is from Urban Barn and can be found here, though I’m not sure if Urban Barn is Canadian only. I can’t wait for it to come in!


I added some of these faux fur pillows on the nest chair, and a matching blanket draped over the sofa. I am obsessed with faux fur around the house right now!


You’ll also notice a giant grey fireplace was included. The one thing our house didn’t have when we purchased it was a fireplace, and so I hope to build one ourselves with an electric insert someday. The one I included is just a representation of our eventual one but I thought it was very pretty.

And last but not least, the lighting. I included two of these wall sconces that I have talked about wanting before from Canadian Tire.


Overall, this makes up the living room of my dreams, and I do plan on achieving something like this eventually, but DIY and adding items slowly is half the fun!


I hope you enjoyed this peek into my brain, and I think this will be helpful for Max to see my vision as well! Stay tuned for more on our new chair as well as an exciting change in the dining room!

Let me know if you have any questions.











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