A New Light in the Dining Room

When we first moved into the house and I started on my ever-expanding list of things to do, the light fixtures were close to the top. 

In the dining room, I actually really liked the light, so I did a good taping job and gave it a couple coats of spray paint. Max hung it back up and everything was great for awhile. 

The longer we lived here, though, the darker it got. 

As we moved into winter and the days got shorter and shorter we ended up eating in a very dim dining room and I knew as much as I liked the fixture it would have to be replaced. 

When I saw this chandelier a few months ago I knew it was the one. 

When we got a gift card for Home Depot I decided it was time to buy and I picked it up the last time I was in Thunder Bay. 

I got the chandelier for $169, and with the gift card I was at about $120 which I thought was great. Unfortunately these bulbs were $18 a pack (and I needed four bulbs). So I was back up almost forty bucks. 

They say they last 22 years. They better for that price. 

I brought it home and had Max remove the old fixture to hang the new one. 

And he got so frustrated with the chain he almost perished. 

It took him almost three hours to hang this light. He said it was the worst light imaginable but later admitted it looked pretty good. 

See for yourself. 

It is an oil rubbed bronze but comes off very dark, almost black which I love. 

I think it works really well with the fixtures in the adjacent kitchen. 

And now, dare I say it, I think my dining room is complete. 

I think I am going to move the old fixture to my closet. I really do love it. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 


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