We Started Nailing Pallets to the Wall 

If you remember from my last post on the spare room, we had finished mudding, painting, and installing a new light fixture. Max had been working on stripping pallets until we felt we had enough to start nailing them to the wall. 

So after a little while of stripping pallets and procrastinating that’s what we did. 

This back wall is going to be the pallet wall, mostly because it’s the only one without a window or doorway. 

Max started by finding all the studs and marking them. 

Meanwhile I reattached all the faceplates that I had removed to paint. 

Once Max had the studs marked out he used the level to draw out the full location. 

This is incredibly hard to see and I am sorry.

It took him about an hour and a half to mark all the studs out completely. He also drew a level line in the centre of the wall for us to start on. 
We wire brushed each board before putting it up. 


We held the first board up to the wall and pre-drilled holes for the nails. 

Then we tapped in the nails. We started the first row right below and on the level line. 

Once we had the first row up we had a pretty good rhythm going. Sometimes I  would hold a flathead screwdriver in while Max hammered to make sure the spacing was right and pretty straight despite the uneven nature of the pallet boards. 

We had two sizes of pallet boards, so we just randomly did rows of the bigger and smaller boards. 

This much took us about an hour. I wanted to finish that bottom row but Max  was being sleepy. 

We called it a night but I am obsessed with the progress!

I just ordered the boards as I went for a nice colour variation. 

We also have the rest of that bottom row ready to go up! 

Let me know if you have any questions. I will be sure to have Max strip more pallets ASAP so we can continue this. I figure this much took about 5 pallets. 

I love it! 


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