A New Hot Water Tank 

I debated for quite some time over whether to make a post about this. It is by no means the prettiest project we have ever done and there are no beautiful before and after pictures.

However, if one of the main points of the blog is to document any changes and improvements we make to the house for our own memory and enjoyment, this certainly fits the bill.

Last Friday I was using the downstairs bathroom and noticed a little bit of water on the plywood subfloor under the hot water tank. We don’t use this bathroom often, so how long it was actually leaking is something we will never know.

We called our friend Skyler to come take a look, and he showed up on Saturday (next day service, on a weekend, for a plumber is awesome, just saying) and told us we needed a new tank.


Here is the giant box the new tank came in. Skyler said he could make the switch Monday, but we procrastinated a little bit as Max priced out a on demand hot water system. Turns out running propane and install would cost about $2500, so we sat on that dream for now and went ahead with a new 60 Gallon tank on the Tuesday.

Amazingly, Skyler also told me that I could continue with regular water use, and that using hot water was actually better for a leaking tank since pressure can’t build up or something? I don’t know I’m not a plumber.

He ended up having to remove the door to get the new tank in there since it is so skinny. I never noticed how narrow this doorway was before.

And here is the pretty new tank. I’m very impressed with the greige colouring, something that is appreciated when your tank is randomly in your basement bathroom instead of your mechanical room.

When he installed the new tank this copper pipe moved to the front, and you can see the bad blue paint that the room was previously on it. Whoever painted the blue colour was obviously trying to get around the tank to the wall and hit it a few times. Skyler said it was fine if I wanted to paint over it, which I will likely do since I don’t like copper colouring anyway.

And here is the old tank. Max has to get some strong guys to come haul it away. Obviously I didn’t take any progress pictures because I didn’t want to bug Skyler while he worked, but you get the gist by seeing the old tank and new tank, I think.

This is our dehumidifier. We were advised to keep it on for a few days to dry out the subfloor that the tank had been leaking on. Also, to prevent leaking onto the pplywood in the future, we got a cool little tray.

You can see said tray under the tank here. This was about $30 and will catch any water if the tank leaks in the future, saving our floor.

We also got these cool pool noodle looking insulators for the pipes. Apparently all new tanks come with them now. This tank replacement was a little more complicated than usual because the switch (blue things) was seized and had to be replaced.

And here is a gross picture behind the tank. You can see the old linoleum that used to be in here. Skyler let me clean back there while he had the tank out, this spot was previously BLACK so I was pretty happy to get that chance.

We also have some sort of alarm on order so if the tank leaks again and water touches the alarm cable, it will sound like a fire alarm and we won’t have to wonder how long it has been leaking!

Overall I am happy with the experience (as happy as you can be when you dish out $1K on a water heater instead of something pretty). I know these types of changes and improvements to our home as just as important (if not more) than the cosmetic ones and I am also very thankful to Skyler for coming through with the new tank and install!

Let me know if you have any questions.



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