We Finished the Pallet Wall! 

Max wanted me to preface this post with a warning, because he really didn’t want anyone reading this to think that it was a simple weekend project, could be done over a couple of hours, or that stripping pallets wasn’t back-breaking, horrible work.

So here it is: THIS IS NOT EASY.

It is totally worth it though.

When we left off in this post, we had about this much completed (above), with another row ready to go and the premise of stripping more pallets so we could continue looming over Max’s head.

Over the course of the week, we managed to do several rows each night until we reached the weekend and had something that looked like this (above and below).

Over the weekend, Max stripped more pallets and together we started on the rows nearing the floor and ceiling. We decided to approach the ceiling first since if we went down we would have to deal with the electrical outlets and we weren’t ready for that obstacle yet.

You can see here (above) that we went as far down as we could without reaching the outlets and then started working on the boards close to the ceiling.

Unfortunately the last rows were not a perfect fit (it would have been a miracle) so Max had to leave the final row for measuring, and rip boards to fit based on the irregular size and the weird shape thanks to the non-level ceiling.

He put the centre board in first because it just needed ripping and was not angled or anything, so it was the easiest cut.

And then he cut and nailed the others, and moved on to the outlet area.

Here we made a notch to fit around the outlet. We initially brainstormed a bit about how to handle the outlets, and in my mind I had the outlet covers on the outside (on top of the pallet wood). This wouldn’t work unless we brought the outlets out a bit, so I decided inset would be better and easier.

Max nailed the board in place and promptly broke the outlet cover. We realized the hole was just too tight for it, and Max said something about using a cut-out tool to make it a bit bigger without having to take the board down, but I had different idea.

I took out my Dremel and used this thing (above) to gouge it out a bit bigger. Then I used the sanding bit (below) to get a smooth finish on the edges.

Don’t look at my nails. The important thing is that I made it fit.

I was very pleased with myself.

We moved along that row and notched out the second outlet as well.

And then we did the same for the lower board so that it fit together and framed the outlet perfectly. I figure I will do some sort of gray wash on the inside of the boards there so that the outlets don’t stand out so much.

I was getting pretty excited at this point.

Max finished off the bottom, using the same technique as he did at the ceiling, trimming and ripping to fit the angle and size. Honestly I missed this finishing moment because I was making homemade chicken soup from our dinner leftovers on Sunday.

I was very excited to see it for the first time – COMPLETED FINALLY!

Here you can see where the pallet boards meet the subfloor. I made Max pick all very straight boards for that bottom row so that I can put trim over it once the floor is up. Max was very anti-trim for this wall most of the way through, but after seeing how it meets the floor and knowing that the floor boards will sit up against it, he caved. I love being right so I am pretty happy.

Some better shots of the pallets meeting the floor.

I am obsessed with the different colours and the texture of it all.

I absolutely love it! It is so cool to have an idea in your head brought to life and this turned out better than I could have imagined. I am so excited to get flooring down now. We ordered it Saturday so hopefully it arrives soon, and in the meantime we already got the underlay so we can lay that down! Once the floor is done and I can move the furniture in here I can get started on the master bedroom (my Christmas break project)!

Let me know if you have any questions!



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