Starting to Decorate for Christmas 

I’ve added some festive touches around the house and Max recently put up the lights outside, so Christmas is coming soon and we are just about ready. 

I’ve already done most of my shopping but I won’t feel like it’s really close until we have our trees up. 

Until then, here are some photos of the decorations so far. 

In the dining room I pulled out my Christmas placemats and added some greenery and ornament bulbs in my tray. I also hung the wreaths over the window. 

A great way to cheaply decorate is to use greenery. I clipped these from the yard for free and use them all over. 

We recently lost the sideboard we had been using (to its rightful owner so Max says I can’t be mad). I moved this from the living room in here to serve in its place. I hung our stockings here and added more greenery and bulbs. It is weird to hang stockings in the dining room but this will have to do until I have a fireplace in the living room where this piece used to be. 

I love decorating my cloche for the season. 

Since we don’t have the fireplace in the living  room yet we have our TV on this nightstand all pathetic looking. I did add my reindeer bag and folded my plaid blanket so the red and green is on the outside. 

I also added my cute pillow to the couch. 

Little touches like this snowman were added to the side tables. 

On my stairs I added my garlands. 

They’re both fake but I love this one with the pinecones. 

And every doorknob got a little red wreath. 

In the bathroom I added this sleigh of bulbs and greenery. 

My chalkboard wall was updated for the season as well. 

These snowmen sit on the ledge downstairs. 

And my nativity sits on the other ledge downstairs. 

In my kitchen some cute tea towels make things more festive. 

And additional greenery above all the cabinets finishes off the kitchen. 

I hope to add some other touches and of course my trees and I will update when I do. Until then I hope you enjoyed my first touches. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 


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