The Floor is Done in the Spare Room 

Last time I posted about the spare room, we had just finished off the pallet wall and the flooring was on order. It looked something like this (below). 

The flooring came in on Friday, so we started on the weekend and we just finished up the final bit of trim! When we did this same flooring in the office I did a pretty good two part post on it so I won’t go into the process too much this time. 

I did take a lot of progress pictures though. 

Max started by laying out the underlay. It is different this time around, black instead of white, but apparently Home Hardware just switched product and it’s essentially the same stuff. 

Once it was all done and taped together it was time to start laying flooring. 

Max started along the far wall and laid the flooring the same way as it is throughout the top floor, and perpendicular to the underlay. 

Max put in a few rows himself and got around the heat vent on the first day. Then I came in. 

I asked Max if he thought it would be faster if I helped him and he said no. 

But I helped anyways. I wanted to know how to do this.

And I think it was faster. 

I would lay the rows while he went to cut the end pieces and then added those in. 

I love the way the flooring compliments the pallet wall without matching too well. The grey in the wall really sets it apart. 

This flooring will always be my favourite. 

On Sunday night we ended here (above) before bed, with the closet to go. Getting around the closet doorway is the worst bit. 

On Monday night, Max managed to finish off the closet and start to put up some trim before we had to go to my parents to steal their cable to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. 

I love the way the trim finished off the pallet wall and the floor. I like the remind Max he wanted to skip the trim here so he knows how right I was. 

He used the air compressor to nail the trim back in. 

I love the finished look. 

And now it is so so close to being 100% done. Once I post this I am going to start moving furniture back in (while Max is at his fire meeting). Once Max is home he can put the closet door up. It is so close to being a real room again and I can’t wait to have my office back! 

This awful picture is to remind you where we started. I can’t wait to start tearing apart the next room (my master bedroom!). 

And the flooring. Again. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 


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