Quick Homesense Trip

This past week Max and I went to Winnipeg for a hockey game, and the one place I wanted to go was HomeSense, of course.

It was a really quick trip but I did see a few things I liked.

It was nice to be able to drag Max around because usually HomeSense trips are solo missions for me. On the other hand, he does things like this (below).

We both thought these sequin pillows were really cool, and bonus, you can write your name on them!

We agreed that they would probably get ruined with a lot of playing, and were not the most practical or comfortable pillow.

I really liked this vanity mirror (above) and thought it would be really pretty on top of a non-traditional vanity like a desk. Also tis is what I look like when I’m taking creeper pictures in stores.

I really liked this wooden deer. This is the kind of thing I always spot in the Christmas section, but personally would keep up year round.

I also really liked these wood candles on the bottom shelf. I’m hoping Max and I can DIY these for our wedding.

These two things ended up in our cart, a frame for Max’s new office, so I can put a picture of Remy in it for him. And a dog toy for Christmas.

And then I saw this. I think I let out an actual gasp.

I have wanted a Moravian star light forever, for the mudroom entryway, as I mentioned in this post. The best one I had found was at Pottery Barn for $179 USD, and I would likely have to pay customs on that as well. Since it was something I really wanted, I figured eventually I would order it.

This one, which has mercury glass and is therefore, in my opinion, superior to the Pottery Barn version was $129 CAD. I put it in the cart and told Max I would think about it as I continued to shop, since it was still pretty expensive as well as an unexpected expense, but I think we both knew I was already in love and it was coming home with us.

It is already installed and awesome. I will share what it looks like soon.

I thought these little dining chairs were cute, if not just quirky. If I had money to constantly switch out dining chairs, these may make an appearance.

I also loved the painting behind the chairs. I love anything with antlers really.

I also thought this was a cute buffet, since we recently lost ours. Max mentioned something about building a new one, so we will have to see what happens.

And baskets. One of my missions was to pick up a basket for my new hibiscus in the spare room that I got from my aunt. I found one at a great deal for $16.99.

I also loved this antler candelabra. And that is the last picture I took! We looked around at some faux fur pillows and also picked up some new curtains for the spare room, but you will see those soon!

Let me know if you have any questions.



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