The Spare Room is Done!

It’s been a long time coming and I am about to share a million pictures…the spare room is done!

When we initially started on this room back in October the One Room Challenge was just starting up, and I considered joining as a guest participant. Needless to say, 10 weeks later I can say it is a good thing I didn’t, because I would have been a bit off the 6 week timeline!

The pallet wall, although virtually free, took a lot of sweat equity, and is the reason this makeover took so long. Now that it is finally done I am very happy to have my house back in order and my office cleaned up and usable again, at least for a few days before I start ripping the master bedroom apart.

Anyways, on to the photos:

Max was at a fire meeting, so I started to haul the furniture back in by myself once the flooring was done. I laid down this “rug” (aka the blanket I got from HomeSense for $14 in this post that I always thought would make a good rug due to the texture and size), and then set up the metal bed frame.

I moved the boxspring and mattress in, and couldn’t help but make the bed even though I knew Max still had to add the headboard.

Then I put up this galvanized “M” that I picked up at Winners recently. It had two hanging points, so what I do with things like this is use painters tape between the hanging points to measure the distance apart, and then tape that on the wall so I know where to put nails, or in this case, where to drill.

I decided to drill a hole first because I wasn’t about to crack a board on my new pallet wall.

I just drilled on either side of the tape, put a nail in, and hung it up.

It worked out perfectly, I just took down the tape before hanging.

Then Max came home and reinstalled the closet door.

And it was time to install the headboard. This used to hang on the wall, as you can see by the heavy duty hangers on the back. I didn’t want to put these huge hangers into my new pallet wall so I asked Max to give it legs. I made this headboard pre-blog, but you can see a similar one and a how-to here.

In my mind, I just wanted some 2x4s to support it, but we didn’t have any scraps long enough. We decided to use pallet wood instead, which is harder, thinner (so it will sit flatter against the wall) and blends in to the wall behind it in case you see it.

He’s clearly very proud.

Max just screwed the headboard with the new legs to the bed frame and then we pushed it back up against the wall.

Here is the back view. I didn’t bother removing the hanging gear or tape.

I picked up these curtains in HomeSense to finish off the room, as well as a curtain rod (the old one was oak, yuck). I initially wanted velvet, but I think these are even better. They’re a bit of a suede, so they give the same look as velvet would but are lighter and very nice.

Yay! This is the completed room as viewed from the doorway. I hung up the framed feathers I made in this post, and the curtains frame the window perfectly. I moved my little vanity stool in here with a faux sheepskin on top.

The closet offers a nice pop of navy blue colour when opened. I hung Max’s rarely worn suits back up in here.

I love the way the feathers look in here. The texture in this room is out of control.

And a plant! This is a hibiscus I got from my Aunt. I put it in a basket to make it prettier and add MORE texture. It supposedly flowers only one day a year, but I like having the greenery the rest of the time.

The bed looks so good up against the pallet wall. You may notice I don’t have a nightstand in here, because we’re currently using it as a TV stand downstairs until we build a fireplace in the living room. Eventually it will move back in here or I will cave and get a new nightstand.

The way the pallet wood, flooring, and trim and doors all work together is great.

Overall I am very proud of this room (and mostly that wall!) and am already looking forward to getting the last bedroom’s (the master) flooring done!

Here’s the initial design side by side with the finished room for comparison and for fun:

And a bad before and after is necessary:

Let me know if you have any questions.

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