New Light Fixtures and I Painted the Ceiling 

When we were in Winnipeg, I picked up a beautiful Moravian star light fixture at HomeSense. Obviously, I wanted to put it up immediately when we got home.

The previous fixture was a boob light (above) and certainly nothing special, so we took that down and started to work on installing the new one.

I cannot get over how pretty this light is.

I have to stay this “compare at” is bang on, and I’m very happy with my deal, even if it is something I wasn’t planning to buy right away.

Unfortunately, since the new light would take much less ceiling space than the old boob light, I had to do a paint touch up. I added some white to match the ceiling, but it didn’t match at all.

I realized the rest of the ceiling in here was very dingy, and either way it had to be painted. So I asked Max if he thought it would be fun to paint the ceiling a colour.

He said no.

So I did it anyway.

He brought up that I had repainted a lot of ceilings in the house white that had previously been colours, and that I had said a ceiling painted a colour can feel heavy and like it is closing in.

Why does he have to remember everything?

Yes, I did say that. But for a space this small, and where the walls are already so light (Blank Page by Beauti-Tone), I thought the ceiling could really work well as a fifth wall of sorts, and a cute pop of colour.

Especially if that colour is navy blue.


I did the patch around the light first (in my favourite navy, Rooftop at Midnight by Beauti-Tone) so Max could hang it and I would have light for the rest of my work. He struggled with this one as he did with the last hanging fixture, but it got done eventually so I’m happy.

And then I cut in and rolled the rest of the ceiling. It didn’t take long, since this is such a small room, but my shoulders and neck didn’t particularly like it either.

I love the way the light looks against it. Max calls it the “Starry Night” ceiling.

And here it is with the light off so you can see what that looks like.


I also picked up these sconces that I have been wanted forever from Canadian Tire. I realized we had $85 in gift cards, which made the $100 price tag (for both) easier to swallow, so I had Max hang them, and now we can officially call all main floor lighting done. I was very glad to see the old sconces go.

Unfortunately this also left a big touch up needed. You can see the previous yellow colour of the living room above.

I got more of the same paint from Home Hardware (Let’s Get Cozy by Beauti-Tone) and tried to touch it up, but it did not match whatsoever. I brought it back to the paint guy, who told me sometimes quarts can be off because he is working with fractions, and recommended I get a gallon.

He returned the mistint, and charged me the difference for the gallon. Then he gave me a card for a free gallon in the future, so I was happy.

Unfortunately the new colour is still a little bit off. I’m not about to go exchange the paint a second time, so if I can’t get over it and it doesn’t blend over time, I will use the “corner to corner” method of essentially just painting this wall with the new colour. Since the light hits all walls differently anyway, you can’t tell if one whole wall is slightly different the way you can if just a patch on a wall is.

Of course you can’t tell in the pictures but just trust me, it bugs me.

Let me know if you have any questions on my new lights! We really need to get to work on the fireplace in the living room so that the pathetic nightstand can go back upstairs.




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