O Christmas Tree(s)

I’m a big believer that real Christmas trees are the only way to go.

Is it messier? Sure. Harder to set up? Definitely. Way more festive and fun? YES!

I have really great memories of going tree hunting when I was little, and my Dad emerging from the bush with me over one shoulder and the perfect tree over the other. When I got older we started to order our tree, but it was still always real and usually came with a goofy looking hole in one side and needles everywhere. My parents recently became traitors and went with a fake tree, but I’m still in the camp that you cannot beat the smell and the look of a real one. You can try to convince me forever that your fake tree looks real, and that it is perfect and easy. But my tree will always look and smell better.

And there is one thing you cannot get with a fake tree, and that is an adventure and memories.


Since we moved into this house, I always imagined having many trees. If you have the space, why the heck not? When my mother-in-law got me a new tree skirt last year, I took it as a sign that I needed a living room tree and a basement tree and we got two perfect ones from the bush.

So of course this year I wanted the same. I’m hoping to expand my tree count in the future (don’t tell Max yet), but for now two is plenty.

On Sunday we went out for our tree hunt, and it did not go well.

The only one that had fun was Remy. I would find a good tree and get Max to cut it, only to have it fall the wrong way and have every branch break off in the process. If the tree managed to survive the fall, Max would (unintentionally, of course) break off all the branches trying to drag it through the bush. After a few tries, we decided to try another road and continue our search.

It was on the second road that I stepped in a mud hole. Up to my thigh. In my UGGS. Don’t ask me how a mud hole even managed to exist in -25 degree weather. I could get my leg out, but not the boot, so Max had to fish it out and by this time my entire foot and boot were soaked, I was cold, and it was not fun anymore. Pair that with an abundance of wolf tracks, and I suggested a third road.

On that third road, we found a tree really close. Close enough to fall on to the road, actually, which would eliminate damage and the dragging distance. It fell the wrong way. And then we got stopped by a Conservation Officer for 30 minutes. Frustrated, we took the tree anyway and Max put it in the back of the truck even though I did not want it.

It flew out of the back of the truck on the highway.

Max moved it (now destroyed) into the ditch and we continued on. On Road #4 and with darkness approaching, we got a decent looking tree. I would have taken anything at that point really. Max didn’t think he could put a second tree into the back of the truck without crushing both, and my wet foot was now frozen, so we headed home, with our “basement tree.”

With how early it gets dark, I knew that we couldn’t go out tree hunting again until our next full day off together (aka the next weekend) which was unacceptable, so we caved and bought our living room tree. Still real, just not chopped down by us. I decided I’m okay with it because its beautiful.


Now onto the good part, my pretty tree with faux fur tree skirt. This year I decided to wrap all my gifts in kraft paper with different red and white ribbons. So far, I love the way it looks. To match, I cut up a big piece of burlap and tied it into garland to wind around the tree. Then I went crazy with ornaments. A few of my favourites are below:

This was hand-painted by my talented cousin, and it looks just like Remy. It’s my favourite of all of them.

This one I really like because it’s funny looking. It’s a buri golden retriever,. which basically means it’s made out of this poky stuff. Max said it was the ugliest golden retriever he’s ever seen.

I have a couple different reindeer that I love. this guy is from Target (RIP).

And of course, my teapot. I collect teapots and so when I found this one I thought it was awesome.

I also love rustic looking ornaments. This antler is from my mother-in-law last year.

And here it is all lit up. I went with white lights this year and I love it. This tree is as perfect of a shape as a real tree can be, I think.

And here is a close up so you can see the ribbon and some of the other ornaments.

And this is my basement tree. Pathetic by comparison, but still beautiful nonetheless. Memories were made people.

This one is the “mancave” tree and has mostly hockey related ornaments and is kind of Max’s tree. He has a lot of these player ornaments, and you can also see a deer on a quad in the background.

This ESPN ornament lights up and plays the theme song, very classy.

And he also has some more personal hockey ornaments.

I used multicolour lights on this one and a lot of silver tinsel garland, which makes it more fun. The tree skirt, is of course, navy blue.

Here is another picture to show you what the living room tree looks like at night.


And Remy’s face when you tell her to pose.

Let me know if you have any questions. Are you a fake or real tree person?




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