Little Updates 

We recently made a few little updates that I thought I would share in a quick post. 

The first is something we did quite some time ago, but I just never mentioned. 

I thought the wall between the kitchen and banquette area looked a little bare and I needed somewhere to hang my apron (because the spot on the edge of the cupboard wasn’t ideal). 

I picked up this deer hook at Urban Barn that was perfect. 

I love the way it looks there.

I also picked up some picture frames so I could frame some of our new photos. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to put them but the mudroom ended up being perfect. Especially with the new navy ceiling! 

I have some of our engagement photos and one of Remy hunting here. 

I just moved the feather “M” that used to hang here to another wall. 

And lastly, I made some new pillows (Christmas ones!) for the couch. I used a different method this time so I can change them out after the holiday and will likely post about how I did it. 

I got this fabric from Wal-Mart months ago for super cheap and I really like it. Plus it’s flannel and super cozy. 

Let me know if you have any questions. Merry Christmas Eve!


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