The Most Comfortable Chair Ever Made: Urban Barn Nest

By some sort of Christmas miracle, the new nest chair we ordered back in early November, that they said wouldn’t be ready until January, is sitting in my living room right now.

Max had decided this would be our big Christmas present, but didn’t want to pick out the materials for the custom piece himself, so he had to tell me about it.

We went into the store in early November thinking that would be plenty of time to get it for Christmas, but we had just missed the Oct 31 cutoff date for Christmas orders and were informed it wouldn’t be in until January.

I went ahead and picked a material. The book was crazy huge at first but I knew I wanted a velvet look in a thick microfibre or something similar so that narrowed it down pretty fast.

I ended up choosing this Bella material in the colour Granite.

The store manager was very helpful in getting our order in. She also provided a order number we could check on and informed us they would call when it was in the warehouse in Winnipeg.

And then we waited.

I called on about December 10th and was told it was still looking like January for the pick-up.

But apparently they called Max to let him know it was ready the week before Christmas and he had it put on a truck and shipped out.

When we went to my parents on Christmas Eve he had it moved into the house and I didn’t even see it that night when I got home.

Needless to say I was very confused and happy Christmas morning and sat in it to open the rest of the gifts.

It’s a little crowded with the tree in here right now but this is the best napping chair.

It came with three back pillows and a toss cushion but I’m going to add some of my own of course.

The colour goes perfectly with the wall colour and is just a bit lighter on the whole chair than the sample looked in the store (which I actually prefer).

Overall I am so happy with it and our experience ordering a custom piece from Urban Barn. Now of course I need a beautiful leather couch to go with it, but one step at a time.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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