Starting Work on the Master Bedroom Floor and Ceiling

Last year on January 1st I kicked a hole through the basement wall where the bar would eventually go.

This year we have similar distruction, as we are currently living with the subfloor exposed and dust everywhere in the master bedroom.

People keep telling me I’m going to get sick of doing projects but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Max started by ripping out the carpet, which was quite the feat because we decided not to clear the room for this project. We couldn’t afford to lose our bedroom for as long as this will take and so we’re just living with it.

He took out all the carpet and underlay as he did in the previous bedrooms, and then took up all the staples.

The underside of the carpet was horrifying and I’m really glad to have all the carpet we planned to remove finally gone. The basement is still carpeted but it is a low pile and much newer and less trafficked so it will stay that way.

Right now we’re living with the subfloor but it already feels much better.

For Christmas Max got me this Nikon D3400 so from this point the pictures vastly improve (hopefully). I’m still learning but I already love it.

With the carpet done, it was time to scrape the ceiling. I put drop cloths over everything and did this the same way I did in the spare room. I figured now is the time to do it since there is no floor and I got it scraped and mudded while Max was away for work for two days.

I’ve gone over this process before, and above are the tools I use. The bottle is just warm water, and I scraped into the pan and then dumped it into the box this time around to minimize the mess.

This took me about three hours total for the whole ceiling with dumping it into the garbage box.

I basically filled the box with popcorn.

Then I mudded and started to sand. I sanded about half the ceiling before I gave up. Max finished the last bit yesterday.

Now it’s ready for a coat of ceiling paint! I also ordered the flooring so we’re just waiting for that to come in.

The best advice I can give for this is to not expect it to be perfect. Just know that drywalling is the worst.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy New Year!


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