Learning How to Make Removable Pillow Covers

I recently made some pillow covers out of some cute holiday fabric I had picked up for Christmas. While I realize it is now January, I think the method I used was pretty interesting so I’m going to post about it anyway.

I really love making pillow covers, as it’s such a cheap and easy way to get down filled pillows (with $7 IKEA inserts). This way I can have seasonal pillows without breaking the bank. I had to figure out a way to make the covers removable to make it even more thrifty. That way I can reuse the inserts and I only have to store the covers when it’s no longer that season.

I got these flannel squares from Walmart for a great deal, and they were 18×20. I picked up four.

I trimmed each to 18×18, which left me with a small strip of fabric.

Then I hemmed the bottom of each square to finish it nicely.

Next I sewed two of the squares together back to back, closing up three sides and leaving the hemmed bottom open.

Next I took my four strips from when I had trimmed my squares and made them into ribbons by folding them in on themselves and sewing them together. You could use actual ribbon for this and it would be cute and would save a lot of time.

Then I sewed my homemade ribbons to the bottom of the pillow cover across from each other to made little ties.

I put the insert in and just tied them up.

I think I will use actual ribbon in the future, and maybe do three ties so I can get a better close.

I just replaced two of my regular pillows for the season and they looked super cute.

Such an easy way to make removable covers because let’s face it, my sewing skills have not approached zipper install level yet.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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