Updates Around the House and Our New Puppy!  

We’ve made some little changes around the house lately, and I also have some bits of news, so consider this an all-encompassing update post.

First, I’ve been experimenting with my new Nikon D3400 a lot. I ordered a tripod off of amazon, which is great to set up when photographing projects, and I also ordered this flash based on a recommendation post from Thrifty Décor Chick. It really does make a huge difference! The above picture of Remy was taken late at night in a darker part of the house!

I also re-did my chalkboard wall now that the holidays are over. I had to say goodbye to my Christmas art (above).

I normally do seasonal art, but I was having a hard time finding winter art to copy that wasn’t Christmas related, so I went with a great quote instead.

I also had Max hang my new deer dinner bell, which we got for Christmas. I knew when I picked this spot between the open shelves (which are into studs) and the window frame that there wouldn’t be a stud there for him.

Max had to drill in special anchors and then hang this heavy deer on those.

Once it was up, I immediately knew the screws were too jarring.

So I went in with a black sharpie, of course.

Now my dinner bell hangs nicely between the shelves and the window. It matches the deer apron hook that is also in my kitchen so well.

Over my holidays, I was able to use this adorable star fabric to make some pillow cases for our bed. These will go over the pillows we actually sleep with, and the flannel is so nice and thick and soft. I just copied an existing store-bought pillow case for the size.

I will post a photo once I use them on the bed.

And the best news – this past weekend we got to go pick out our puppy. Below is our new boy, Winchester.

We have to wait another five weeks before we bring him home, but in the meantime, we need to get the gate done for the indoor doghouse, and I need to make some sort of dog bed that can hold two full grown golden retrievers!

We also just got our flooring in for the master bedroom (finally!) so we can hopefully start on that soon.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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