We Caved and Re-Painted the Master Bedroom and Reinstalled Trim 

Last I left off in the saga that is our master bedroom flooring makeover we had just finished up on the floor (minus the closet where I had to order a bit more to cover it) and the ceiling had been painted.

Before we could reinstall the trim we had to touch up the paint. Since the carpet was so high pile, the new flooring causes the trim to sit quite a bit lower.

Unfortunately my new can of the colour in here is a bit off (which you can read about in my post where I replaced the living room lights). I knew the only way to combat this was to do a quick coat all around the room.

Max rolled and I cut in as per usual. You can see on the left that it is pretty noticeable how different the paint is. I’m still pretty confused about this.

Once that was dry Max brought all the trim back in here and used the air compressor to nail it back in.

Remy is pretty unsure about the air compressor.

These trim pieces were really long and awkward and Max had to maneuver around furniture to do this.

He used the nail gun to tack everything back up.

Then he went around the room with a hammer to make sure the nails were in all the way.

Next Max rehung the curtains and we both couldn’t believe the wrinkles. I’m going to work on getting a steamer up in here.

Unless something crazy happens I should be able to post the full reveal post with before and after photos tomorrow! (Minus the closet of course).

Let me know if you have any questions.

Linked up via Thrifty Décor Chick.


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