New Flooring in the Master Bedroom Revealed! 

It has been about a month since we started this makeover and I’m very happy to say we have a finished master bedroom and I’m no longer sleeping surrounded by drywall dust!

In the above before photos you can see the carpet that used to be in the bedroom. It was very high pile and full of dirt and things I don’t even want to think about.

Max ripped it out around Christmas, and having no flooring down made for the perfect opportunity to scrape the popcorn ceiling.

This left our bedroom pretty disheveled for a while, but the following after pictures were totally worth it.

Now when you enter the room you notice the flooring right away.

It makes the room feel so much bigger.

The bed is the same except for the added new bedskirt.

We also switched the fur blanket in here for the more gray one which matches the pillows and the walls better.

Our night stands are pretty much back to normal. I like to stack books on here.

The room seems so much lighter and brighter with the new floors. And the new camera lighting helps too.

Under the bed we added some grips to hold the wheels. They are rubber on the bottom so the bed doesn’t roll all over the place and also help protect the floor.

And with that this makeover is complete!

Oh except while taking these pictures I realized I wanted to hang the corner mirror so it didn’t look so stubby. But that’s something I’ll show in a future post.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Linked up via Thrifty Décor Chick.


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