The Fastest and Easiest Garage Door Makeover Ever! 

I’m not sure where we got this idea, but Max and I have been talking about tackling this little garage door makeover ever since we bought the house.

You can get the cutest garage door hardware (at most hardware stores – I’ve seen it at Home Depot) and we always figured some day we would get some to add to our garage door and make it look more like a carriage door.

When we were walking through Home Hardware the other day we saw a nice little package of the hardware for $40 and so we picked it up.

Our garage door is in pretty good shape (and is extra tall, which I like) but also very plain.

The pack of hardware we got had four “hinges” and two handles.

And best of all, it’s magnetic!

Max just stuck all the pieces to the garage door while I stood back and made sure things were straight and lined up.

The pieces are all made out of heavy duty plastic with magnets inset and are nicely detailed and 3D.

I know you can get a similar look with some decals that are available but I really prefer these and think they look much more real.

Once they were all in place we did a quick test to make sure they didn’t move when we put the garage door up and down (especially the handles, which stick out a bit) and they didn’t!

I apologize for the shadows as we did this pretty late in the day. Overall I think it looks so cute and is such a nice detail on our large garage door.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Linked up via Thrifty Décor Chick.


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