Hanging the Mirror in the Bedroom and a Look at the Pillow Cases I Made (Finally!)

When I showed off our new master bedroom in this post, I mentioned that while I was photographing it I realized that I wanted to hang the mirror in the corner.

The mirror in question was an absolute steal from HomeSense and had been sitting in the corner the entire time we owned it, first in the apartment living room, and then in our bedroom. Since I’m short, it worked as a full length mirror that way. I never realized how stubby it looked sitting on the ground until I took some good photos of the entire room.


So I called Max up to the bedroom and made him hold it up to the wall and decided that it needed to be hung.


He did a quick check and said it had no hanging hardware, which I automatically believed, and we went off to Home Hardware to get some. I thought I could do a wonderful post about how to hang things that don’t come with ready-to-go hardware.

After picking up some big anchors and hanging accoutrements (and some other things because we have a hardware store problem), we came back home to hang it, and upon flipping it over, discovered that it DID have hardware.

They were hiding under some of those cardboard protectors which I guess Max had never seen used before and didn’t think to check under.

So now this post is just how we hung a regular mirror that had hardware already.


He found center between the corner and the draperies and marked it, and I decided on height by eye while he held up the mirror for me, which we also marked.


The mirror had two hanging points, so we used our tape method of hanging and made sure the tape was level before Max put the screws in the wall.


The mirror is quite heavy, so he got one screw into a stud but needed to use a pretty huge anchor for the other side.


And then we just slid the mirror on to the screws!


I think this simple change really helped with the overall balance of the room.

And as promised, I took a picture of the pillowcases I made for the bed out of that flannel star material.


I think they’re really pretty, but I love stars and I love a cozy flannel so I have some bias.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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