No Turning Back Now – Our Save The Dates Are Out! 

Since I will be doing a lot of DIYs for the wedding and it will fit a little bit into the whole decor thing I have going on here, I decided to make wedding posts from here on out. Also I really want to have these to look back on when wedding planning is over so I can remember how terrible it is. 

This is the first and it’s all about our Save the Dates, which I assembled and addressed myself. 

I ordered all of our stationary from Precious Invitations and it came beautifully packaged. I ordered from them because they are Canadian which saves a lot on shipping, duty, and any currency exchange, and I was very happy with my order. 

We got the invites, RSVPs, insert cards, and Save the Dates along with 300 envelopes all in this tissue lined box. 

I put all the Save the Dates into the envelopes and sealed them. 

Next I stamped our return address on the back with our address stamp from Etsy. You can get Precious Invitations to print it on but this saved a lot of money and plus we get to keep the stamp for future use. 

I made sure to practice so I wouldn’t smudge ink everywhere. 

The final step was to handwrite with my calligraphy pen from Michael’s all the addresses, add a stamp, and send them. 

I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. I will be needing several months of resting my hand before I address the Invitations though! 

Let me know if you have any questions. 


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