How to Hide Unsightly Cords! 

For Christmas, Max and I got another SONOS speaker, which was great because although we have three so far, they are all in the basement and bar area, and this meant I could put one upstairs in the kitchen (so convenient since sometimes when our friends are downstairs, I’m in the kitchen and this way they’re all connected and I can listen to music too!).

We put it on top of the cabinets which is great because it blends in pretty well and you don’t even see it up there unless you look for it (it’s pushed back against the wall) but it has amazing sound.

Unfortunately, there are no outlets up there, meaning we had to run the cord down the side of the cabinet to be plugged in, and it was pretty ugly.


I knew I had to figure out some way to camouflage the cord, so when we were at Home Hardware I picked up some quarter round trim.


Max held it up to make sure it would work, and everything looked good.


To avoid nailing into the cord when we were installing it, Max pre-drilled some holes. He started on an angle so that he could make sure it was getting into the quarter round and not just drilling along the outside.


Once he was in he straightened out the drill and went right through.


He made about four of these pre-drilled holes, alternating sides down the length of the quarter-round.


And then he nailed it in to the wall with the cord in behind the curved edge of it.


Admittedly, I just put the toaster back and left it like that for a couple days.


But eventually I got around to giving it a quick couple coats of the wall colour, Blank Page by Beauti-tone, so it would blend in more seamlessly.


And now I think it looks so much better and really does blend in! Someday when we install a range hood and maybe some tile on that back wall we may get to run this cord through the wall, but until then, this is a super easy way to hide cords.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Linked up via Thrifty Décor Chick


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