The Bathroom I Haven’t Shown, My Reasons, and All My Crazy Thoughts


This is the main bathroom in my house. It is at the top of the stairs on the top floor, and is meant to serve the two bedrooms on that floor, meaning it will eventually be the kid’s bathroom (the master has it’s own ensuite, which I talked a bit about here and here). This is the only bathroom of my four (FOUR!) that has a tub. And most importantly, I hate it.

I’ve avoided showing this bathroom on the blog too much because I just can’t seem to make it work. When we moved from the apartment, and went from one bathroom to four, this was the one that got all the old accessories (mostly because it was the only one with a tub so I could use my shower curtain). I’ve been trying and trying to make that scheme work in here and I just can’t do it. So here are a bunch of pictures of it and all my reasons for hating it and not showing it, and all the other crazy thoughts in my head.

I apologize in advance.


I thought for a long time that the main issues in here were that I had painted the vanity the wrong colour (Hearth Stone by Beauti-tone, which is also the colour of my kitchen cabinets) and that the floor was still the old ugly linoleum. But it turns out the whole design plan is bugging me.

No you’re not seeing things, the top drawer of the vanity is a different colour.

I decided I wasn’t going to live with the vanity being the wrong colour (I thought I had really made a huge misstep when I painted it from the original wood) and decided to try some of a different gray on it (My Favourite Sweater by Beauti-tone, which is the colour of the office and the basement bathroom) but that didn’t work with the wall colour (Let’s Get Cozy by Beauti-tone) either.

The struggle is that I only have five paint colours total throughout my house (and then some straight black and white smaller painted things) and I don’t want to expand that number, so I’m trying to work within those colours.


This is the inspiration for the room and is definitely staying. I love the silver frame, I love the matting, and I had the art made for Max a few years ago, they are song lyrics. So, whatever I do has to work with this.


The mirror either has to be replaced or painted. I so want it to match the other accents but it is just too gold. I think if it stays I may paint the frame black. If I find a new mirror, this one will go to the blank wall in the spare room.


And here you can see my colour dilemma. The wall looks a bit more beige in person. I think that maybe the vanity is not the issue and maybe it should stay the darker gray and the walls should go the lighter gray on the top drawer instead of trying to make everything so brown, and then trying to blend a gray vanity in with it.

The bath mat I love, because anchors and it is navy blue, but I’m not sure if it will stay in this bathroom or move to a different one (or maybe even move to my closet? I know it’s a bath mat but I feel like this little rug could be so cute in there).


I think these towels may stay, but I may want hooks instead of a bar here.


And I’m really not sure on the shower curtain, it’s a neutral beige and I like the pattern, but for something so inexpensive that takes up so much visual space, it might be worthwhile to get something more plain?


Up close the pattern is actually little peacocks. Can you see him?


And here is my real problem. The light and the mirror are not centred over the sink. This mirror can’t be unless I change it to vertical, because of the light switch, and the light can’t go over without going down because of the vent. But if I move the light down then this mirror won’t fit vertically anyway.

Also look how GOLD the mirror is compared to the picture frame.


I took the mirror down so I could visualize my options. I know that no matter what, this mirror cannot stay this colour.


Another option is to get a new vanity top with the sink on the left, so then the light and mirror would be centred over the sink with plenty of counter space on the right, but I’m not sure that would work with this vanity and space for the plumbing and I would really rather have it centred. I could do a single wall sconce on each side of the centred mirror, but that means getting an electrician in here. I would use the existing light, that I still love, in another bathroom.

The other problem muddling all this up is that I always planned to keep the almond toilet and tub in here, and the almond countertop, since they are in decent shape and the tub is jetted and I really don’t want to lose that, but I know it would be expensive to replace with a new white jetted tub.

However, I am not sure I can make the colour of them work, and when I flush the toilet the lever leaks water on to my hand. Has this every happened to anybody else’s toilet?

Whenever I do decide, or if I make any updates, I will be sure to update the blog. Until then, please help me if you have any ideas or have thought of something I haven’t.

I will have to talk with Max about what we should do both now and in the long term.



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