We Moved Our Thermostat (And It Wasn’t That Hard!)

We have officially begun work on the fireplace project (kind of). You see, when I was scheming and dreaming about building a fireplace on the living room wall, I realized that either I was going to have to move the thermostat, or have a seriously skinny fireplace.

I went for the former.

This actually wasn’t too difficult. Max told me it would take just a couple minutes (which it definitely didn’t) but it was certainly done in under an hour.

Also, yes my wall still has patches of paint that don’t quite match. I will paint this wall corner to corner after the fireplace is in. Also my TV is still on a pathetic nightstand and I watch a lot of Friends.


My initial plan was to move the Nest thermostat over to the left of the humidifier control.


Max removed the thermostat and checked to see how much wire was in the wall. From my research, most thermostats should have quite a bit of extra wire, so moving it short distances should be easy.


We were very happy to find we had quite a bit in the wall so we wouldn’t have to add any more wire!


Max started by drilling a hole to the left of the humidifier control but then realized there was a stud there, and moving the wire through the stud to the new location would be pretty impossible without cutting out a large piece of drywall, drilling through the stud, and then repairing it later.

I don’t like to drywall. So, we decided to line it up above the humidifier control instead.


Max came up with this very sophisticated (not) way of using electric tape to attach a zip-tie to the wire so he could fish it through the wall. Professionals have fancy fishing tools and magnets to do this, or at the very least, a wire coat hanger. We only had plastic coat hangers in our house, so this worked fine. Above, he is pulling it through the new hole. He made sure it was pulled all the way out of the wall before starting so he didn’t risk dropping it in the wall.


Then he screwed the Nest thermostat back into place.


And finally, he re-attached the unit to the wall.


He put some spackle on the old hole, as well as the one he had drilled on the left and left it to dry. It still has to be sanded a bit, and then painted, but I don’t see much of a point to painting until the fireplace is done? We’ll see.


Let me know if you have any questions. Now all we have to do is actually build a fireplace, no big deal.

Linked up via Thrifty Décor Chick


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