February HomeSense Shopping 

This past week I went to Thunder Bay for work, where obviously I hit up HomeSense. I actually don’t like this time of year in stores because all the spring stuff is coming out and it’s my least favourite season and aesthetic. 

I like dark and cozy. Not happy and bright and pastels. 

Nevertheless I still found some stuff. 

As soon as I walked in I saw this gorgeous table with turned legs. It was $900 and also wouldn’t fit in my dining room but it was so pretty. 

They had a lot of cloches for spring that were really cute, for food or just decor. 

They also had a blue Le Creuset crock. It was still $170 but that’s really cheap compared to the full retail. 

And they had the matching butter dish. 

I picked up two of these trash cans to store dog food in. They have a foot pedal open and are slow closing which I knew Max would like, and were only $25. 

In the kids section I loved this elephant pouf. 

And they had a lot of cute bins. These would be adorable in a kids room. 

I especially love the dinosaur ones. 

They also had A TON of ghost chairs. I like these a lot but they don’t really fit in with my style. 

This chair was amazing, though probably not too comfortable. I liked the metal, the canvas material, the castors and the legs. 

This gigantic wood mirror was pretty, but I was looking for a smaller black one for the bathroom and was unsuccessful. 

I saw this bell wall hanging and thought it would be a nightmare if you had kids. 

Framed feathers! I did a DIY of this so this was a nice little validation for me. 

This looked very Joanna Gaines to me. 

And last but not least I also liked this wall hanging, though I thought Max could probably build it if I wanted. 

I only got a few things but it was a good trip. I didn’t take any pictures of the spring stuff because I don’t like it, sorry! 

Let me know if you have any questions. 


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