The New Puppy Has Arrived!

The new addition to our little family is finally here!

Actually he arrived almost two weeks ago, on February 18th, but I needed some time to take a bunch of cute pictures of the new little man and come up with some things to tell you about his personality before I posted, or this would be pretty boring.

Max’s parents got a puppy as well, from the same litter, and they picked them up from the farm in Zhoda, MB, and brought them home. We had them bring Winchester to their house instead of dropping him off, so that we could introduce him to Remy on “neutral territory” and to help keep her from feeling defensive.

I didn’t want his first impression of his big sister to be terrifying.

She was very excited to meet him (above).


We let the two dogs sniff it out and then Max got to hold him first. He was pretty calm considering all the action of the three dogs. And super cute.


Remy was a little jealous, as expected, but was pretty good overall. She just wanted to make sure if the new puppy was getting attention, she was too.


Then Max got some pictures of me holding him for the first time. Max needs to practice his steady hand. I think Win just wanted down to play with the other pups at this point.


And then we brought them home. Win immediately showed a huge interest in Remy, and she just wanted to make sure he knew she was in charge of all playing.


Their first playtime was adorable.

And now some info about the little man. Win loves this fur blanket that I have draped over the nest chair in the living room. He likes to curl up on the bit that touches the floor, and it is officially his favourite spot.

He likes to be held and cuddled, but prefers to cuddle with Remy over anyone.

She puts up with it but he is definitely the instigator.

He likes to go under the deck and the picnic table while they play outside to tease Remy since she has a more difficult time chasing him under there.

I can’t believe how well they are getting along already. And yes, out fence is a mess – a tree fell on it in the Fall, and then the snow came, so it will be a good Spring project.

He has been following her pretty much everywhere and he likes to copy her.

Now I just need to get her to train him not to pee in the house! He won’t pee in his doghouse under the stairs, and is doing really well being locked in there while we are at work, only whining when he first goes in. He has some accidents around the house though, sometimes he doesn’t even squat! And he peed in his sleep once!

Remy likes his training because she gets baby milkbones for simple things, like sitting.

We’re working on not jumping at the treat, laying down, and taking the treat gently right now.

So far we are so happy with our decision to get another dog and I think these two are going to be the best of friends!

Let me know if you have any questions.


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