Radio Silence and March Shopping

Let’s go ahead and start this off by addressing that fact that it has been two weeks since I last posted. Yes, that is a long time. Yes, I have plenty of excuses:

  1. We got a dog. My last post was all about how we brought little Winchester home and how he was adjusting, as well as how Remy was adjusting to not being the only dog in the house anymore. The good news is both dogs are doing great, Win is sleeping through the night and plays so well with his big sister. The bad news is I haven’t thought much about completing any projects because I’m so obsessed with my two little rats #sorrynotsorry.
  2. Max and I are travelling a lot. March is a bad work month for both of us, he has work up North with Winter Road season, and I have three Thunder Bay trips in a months time as I prepare for my fiscal year end. On top of  being away so much, we have to make sure the pups are looked after while each of us are gone and that our trips don’t overlap too badly.
  3. For the first time since we moved in, we don’t have a bigger project on the go. I always complete little things, like rearranging décor, making pillowcases, or buying a bunch of stuff from HomeSense and adding it to our home, but usually we have a big project going on at the same time – the bar, flooring, or a room makeover. Something we’re working on together to permanently change our house. We don’t have that right now, and while part of me is enjoying the break, the other bit is anxious to DO SOMETHING. Good news is we have ordered the fireplace insert so hopefully we can get moving on that soon. And I’ve done some little things (like painting the bathroom mirror that didn’t match, after much deliberation!).

So, hopefully this can be the end of my break and we can hop right back into things, at a similar pace to what we had before. Because being overwhelmed with renos is what makes me happy.

Until then, I have some various shopping from my last Thunder Bay trip-as I said I have to travel a lot this month so prepare yourself for more of these;

 First up is HomeSense, of course. One of the first things I found was this seven piece frame set – such a smart idea for a gallery wall with everything you need in one box! I love frames with simple black lines so this was right up my alley.

 Also right at the front of the store was this desk. The finish on it and the matching chair was beautiful and I loved the raised hutch with cubbies. This would be so cute for a kids room.

Easter was out in full swing and a lot of the dishware was so cute. I liked these egg plates, so fun to display your decorated eggs.

I took a look at the blankets (because its me) and I really loved these striped ones (which they had in blue and gray). I carried the gray one around for a bit before deciding the tone just wasn’t right (and I DO NOT NEED MORE BLANKETS). I loved the fringe edge and it was so soft. I knew it would have draped beautifully over my smaller blanket ladder.

I also found these quilts near the blankets and I LOVED them. The bohemian pattern with the navy blue and neutrals was so pretty, but they were $100! I know quilts are pricy but damn this is HomeSense. Where’s the discount?

I also liked these stools. They actually have backs if you look closely at the metal bit, they just fold down which is so interesting. These would be great for an area like a bar where you want seat backs for comfort but don’t want to obstruct the view in and out when they’re not in use.

This door shaped mirror was so pretty, really reminded me of Fixer Upper style. It was also very expensive.

HomeSense has been killing it with hanging lights lately. These capiz ones weren’t quite as pretty as my Moravian star light but had similar vibes.

This sunburst was so cool, with the feathers, and pretty inexpensive, too bad it’s gold.

Next I went to Canadian Tire to check out some potential sconces for the bathroom that I had seen online. Unfortunately in person they weren’t what I had in mind. I was very impressed with some of the concrete lamps Canadian Tire came out with though, even though I think they were overpriced. This one (above) looks so cool with an Edison bulb.

This one was really pretty (albeit simpler) as well. Canadian Tire has really stepped up their lighting game.

Last stop is Home Depot, where I found this deal on a range hood (THAT CAN RECIRCULATE). The bottom price is for this one, and it is cheaper that even IKEA.

I also spent a lot of time dreaming in the tile aisles, this concrete tile is so pretty, I love the hexagon shape. This might look good in the main bathroom upstairs, but we’re nowhere near tile selection in there yet, and I’m hesitant to go with something so trendy.

Opposite of trendy, I found classic 3 x 6 subway tile for 35 cents a piece! This is the cheapest I have seen it. I envision subway tile for the backsplash in the kitchen, as well as the shower and backsplash in the ensuite.

And that concludes this round! I didn’t buy much this trip, because I knew I had more trips this month and so there was no pressure to buy now. I did get some clothing deals at American Eagle, but let’s keep this more décor related.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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