I Bit the Bullet and Painted the Bathroom Mirror Black 

I have been unhappy with my main bathroom upstairs for a long time and I even lamented about my struggles with this room in an entire post not long ago. 

So I decided to finally do something about it. I needed to just start making changes even if I don’t have the whole plan right now. Sometimes you can’t wait for a complete gut job. And I knew I hated the colour of the mirror. So out came the paint. 

I decided to go with my favourite black because I knew I wanted it to be neutral still but not so light and shiny. 

This is the darkest and best true black Home Hardware carries, Black Cat by Beauti-tone. 

I just put the mirror on the ground and started painting. The good thing about my ugly laminate floor is that paint wipes right off of it. 

Win thought the mirror on the floor was exciting. 

It was great because it didn’t require much prep. Any paint on the mirror is easily scraped off. 

I still have to do a few touch ups on it and obviously decide on a SINGLE COLOUR for my vanity but this change really satisfies me for now. 

I really want the mirror to stay vertical and add a sconce on each side so I am on the hunt for those now. We need to work on the fireplace next but I’m excited about my future plans for this room now as well. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 


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