Thunder Bay Shopping: I Found a New (Re)Store!

Lately it seems I have been travelling to Thunder Bay every two weeks. It is a busy time of year with our fiscal year end coming up, and this means lots of meetings. Luckily for me, this also means lots of shopping opportunities.

Unfortunately for me, this increase in trips has led to a general boredom with HomeSense. The frequency of my shopping isn’t allowing for an influx of new items to the store, so it is generally the same stuff, and on top of that, it’s all Spring stuff, which is my least favourite season to decorate for.

So I went looking for a new store to occupy my downtime. And I found a ReStore!

ReStores are thrift stores operated by Habitat for Humanity, that specialized in used or sometimes new building supplies. When people rip out their kitchen cabinets, for instance, as long as they’re still in usable condition, they can donate them to the ReStore in their area.

Right up my alley, right?

The first thing I saw were all these old doorknobs and locks. The faceplates are so pretty and I love the patina on them.

They also had a ton of knobs and pulls, nicely bagged. I think knobs and pulls are usually ridiculously overpriced so this would be great if you were redoing a piece of furniture or a bathroom cabinet and just needed a couple.

Nothing like seeing a whole row of almond sinks at the ReStore to convince you that your own almond sinks need to go!

Their trim selection was great and would be awesome if you were trying to match some older woodwork or working on a small project.

This is something I have dreamed about. A whole row of vintage doors to browse through. Some were cheapy hollow cores, but there were a couple beautiful ones I will show below.


And a bunch of vintage wood windows as well! So pretty for home décor.

Vintage handmade tiles. Would be so cool for a bathroom backsplash where you would only need about 10 or so.

And they also have a couple pieces of furniture too! I thought these dining chairs were pretty and just needed a little TLC.


They also had a great assortment of light fixtures (and plugs to make sure they worked!) as well as these pretty glass shades. There were a lot of the school house fixtures I like here.


And these are the gorgeous solid wood doors. If you look close you can see the “SOLD” sticker but if they hadn’t been, I would have found a way to fit them into my car. I am now convinced I need a vintage door to my closet. Sorry not sorry.

Another place I went to visit while in Thunder Bay was Fabricland. I get most my fabric here or at Wal-Mart, and needed to pick some up for a project for the dogs (which is now complete and I will post about soon).

I loved all the stripes they had just put out, very Joanna Gaines to me. I thought maybe the straight lines of stripes like these were a bit ambitious for my project (sewing is hard enough for me without trying to keep a pattern straight) so I let it go but when it goes on sale I may need some for some throw pillows.

I loved this one too. I have a obsession.

This is the one I ended up going with. It is a warm gray upholstery fabric so it is nice and thick and perfect for my project. It was also on sale for $5 a meter. I got 4 for $20 and was able to make the dog project, some pillows, and still have a ton left over.

Let me know if you have any questions. I highly recommend finding your own ReStore to go to! I think Max was pretty jealous, it’s like the garage sale of his dreams.


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