The Firebox Arrived (Broken) and We Moved a Giant Vent! 

Some new and very exciting news: we received our electric fireplace insert from Costco! 

In less exciting news: it arrived broken. 

Max excitedly unpacked it as soon as he brought it home and he could hear something rattling around inside as he transported it but he never thought it would have a big log break (below). 

He sent these pictures into Costco and they were great about contacting the manufacturer for us and Dimplex has a new log set on the way. 

It was disappointing but we decided to go ahead and start building with the broken logs in. 

The first step was to remove this giant vent that was conveniently right where we want the fireplace to go. Luckily opening up the doghouse area meant we could move it to the other side of the wall. 

Above is the wall in the doghouse we wanted to move it to. It is just an air return so I’m not worried about the dog being in there with it. 

This picture is supposed to give you an idea of how the wall is shared between the living room and dog house. I tried. 

Max started to cut inside the doghouse while I removed the vent from the other side. It wasn’t long before I could see him through the wall. 

You could also see the big hole in the floor where the vent goes down. 

Max screwed the vent cover back on in the doghouse and then worked on patching the living room wall. 

He just added a piece of two by four to each side and then screwed on a scrap piece of drywall. 

He mudded it a bit but we didn’t put much effort into finishing it yet because as you can see by my shrewd tape marking on the floor it will be mostly covered by the fireplace anyway. 

We already started to build it and it looks awesome so far! I will share more on it in future posts but until then let me know if you have any questions so far! 


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