Building a DIY Fireplace Part 1: Framing 

I am so excited to be able to say that our fireplace project is almost done. When we first looked at the house and decided to buy it, literally the only thing on our list that it didn’t have was a fireplace.

It’s just something I always wanted, mostly for the ambiance, and let’s face it, mantle décor.

I knew I would eventually want to add one, but I never expected it would be so soon.

When we lost our buffet and had to move our TV stand in the dining room for the buffet storage, leaving our TV on a nightstand in the living room, this project became a lot more urgent. I reflected on what I wanted in a fireplace in this post a little bit ago, and now it is here! I initially thought we would just buy an electric fireplace (I love electric because I’m notoriously bad at lighting fires – so the remote start is huge for me), but when I was searching I couldn’t find anything quite my style. That’s when I decided we could build one from scratch.

No big deal.


I ordered this electric fireplace insert from Costco, which unfortunately arrived broken, but they sent us a new log set and we got right to framing anyway.


I started with a picture in my head and a pretty crude sketch, and Max forced me to come up with some measurements to add to it. Then he used 2 x 4’s to frame it out, starting with the boards screwed to the floor, and then the back wall. I also drew on my wall a whole bunch to figure out how tall I wanted the firebox, mantle, etc. I needed visuals, okay?


Next he framed out the height of the mantle and the height of the firebox, which he reinforced with vertical 2 x 4’s and made it two 2 x 4’s deep to support the firebox.


Then we had to test and make sure it fit, obviously.


The log set was still broken at this point but it fir perfectly and it worked!


Next he framed out the “chimney” area to the ceiling, which was set back from the mantle.


And then I had him add this complete pain – a niche for where the TV would be mounted.


He framed the niche completely and we added the firebox back in and called it a night for the first day of work.


The next time we worked on it we had to add the underlay to give it some shape and act as a base layer. Max cut as large of sections as made sense, and nailed them in.


This took a ridiculously long time. Finally, he got the whole thing covered, and we had a big pink fireplace.


And that’s where I am going to end Part 1! The next step was painting this underlay and then getting to work on the shiplap which is the most exciting part (in my opinion)!

Let me know if you have any questions and stay tuned for Part 2!

Linked up via Thrifty Décor Chick.


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