Building a DIY Fireplace Part 2: Layers of Paint and Shiplap 

When I pressed publish on my last post (which just so happened to be the framing of the fireplace that precedes this one) I got a neat little congratulatory note from WordPress on my 100th post!

Coincidentally, today also marks the one year anniversary of the creation of this blog!

I can’t believe it’s been a year and I have already made 100 posts. I love having a record of everything we’ve accomplished this last year and look forward to continuing to document it.

That being said, on to the next instalment of the fireplace saga:

When I left off in the framing post we had added the layer of underlay over the whole thing and had a big pink fireplace.

I painted on a layer of primer and then a layer of Blank Page by Beauti-tone for a nice white base. This way the gap between the shiplap boards wouldn’t be pink.

Then Max and I started attaching the shiplap, which is just another layer of mahogany underlay ripped into 3.5 inch wide boards.

We used nickels as spacers and made our way down from the mantel, making sure to check the firebox still fit once we added boards around it.

Once we made it almost to the floor we started going up from the mantel.

We went around the niche and then went back and filled it in with horizontal shiplap once we were at the top.

At this point we also added some quarter round trim at the bottom where there was too small of a gap for another row of shiplap. I think it actually ended up better with the trim because it helps to ground it.

Then it was time for me to paint it. I did two full coats of Blank Page by Beauti-tone and then a lighter third coat to ensure the best coverage.

I had to do a ton of caulking and made a great mess trying to smooth out all the rough or unfinished edges. I caulked between the first and second coats of paint so that if any of the gaps could be filled with paint they would.

The next day when it was all dry, Max and I hung the TV on the wall mount we bought, and fed the cords through the chimney area to a power bar we mounted to the inside of the fireplace with Velcro.

This way we could eliminate as many cords as possible.

We drilled a small hole through the side and brought the power bar cord out to the nearby plug. The cord is white like the fireplace and blends nicely.

And then it was time to put the firebox back in!

We were loving the progress at this point but the wall behind the fireplace still needed to be painted and trim reinstalled to the wall. Stay tuned for the final post on the fireplace which should be up soon!

Oh and we also have to get a mantel but that may have to wait.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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