Cabin Updates with Paint

Years ago, my parents dragged our little cabin to the back of their property and built a new one in it’s place. This meant the back cabin or “party shack” was up for grabs.

So Max and I are moving in on it.

At the start of the summer, we purged the entire thing and threw out truckloads of old stuff. Next we cleaned and made some slight improvements with paint.


I found this coffee table on the side of the road and rescued it. It was solid wood and I love the length of it, I knew it would be perfect in front of the couch. It is also the perfect height for putting your feet up.


I painted this in My Favourite Sweater by Beauti-tone and finished with a quick coat of spray varathane.


Next I painted the little storage cupboard where we keep the water cooler and dishwashing bucket. In the drawers are our food and some pots. This was actually the island for the new cabin but it came damaged so they sent a new one and my Dad built some pine drawer fronts to use this one in here.


And finally, I painted the cabinets. None of the cabinets here match, the bottoms are all one piece but the tops are actually a display unit from the store with four different cupboard styles. Painting certainly helped make them more uniform, again I used My Favourite Sweater by Beauti-tone.


We’re well on our way to updating this place. Next we need some new flooring and a screen door, but for now it’s great for us and the dogs.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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