I’m Breann. I’m 25 years old and my husband Max and I (and our golden retrievers Remington and Winchester – Remy and Win for short) closed on our first home September 11, 2015 after a year of having design ideas that were too big for our little apartment. Now I drive him crazy with my endless plans to redecorate and force him to build things for me every week. Occasionally I get to do something really cool like kick a hole in a wall we’re taking out (like I did when we built the bar). Other times I rearrange the  books on my coffee table. You can read about both those adventures here.


I’ve been interested in interior decorating for a very long time, even if I myself may not have realized it. When I was little I would constantly rearrange my room, and the satisfaction of finding a layout that looks better or functions better is still very exciting to me! I’m super organized and I love to “plan” which really helps when it comes to design!

The first bedroom I designed when I was young had two different shades of blue, lighter on the top half of the wall, and darker on the bottom, separated by a yellow chair rail – except instead of a chair rail I just did a stripe? Not the best idea I’ve ever had but I could only go up from there!

I like to refer to my style as rustic-industrial, and I love wood tones and bringing a bit of the outdoors in. I have a slight deer head and antler obsession, and I would consider what is commonly used as a Christmas aesthetic (plaid, deer, fur, general coziness) my all-year round aesthetic. I’m constantly learning more about design, but honestly, I make most decisions based on what feels right to me, and if something has stars in it, well that just makes it that much better.

Oh, and navy blue too. If it’s navy blue, I’ll probably buy it.


Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my blog, I really hope you like it!