A Built-In Mudroom Bench

There is an awkward nook in our garage entrance mudroom that I never really knew how to style.

It is immediately to the right when you come in the door and so I stuck a little ottoman there and along with hooks that were there when we bought the place, called it done.

It never looked great.

Plus then I added more decor to the rest of the room, hanging my Moravian star light fixture, painting the ceiling navy blue, and adding a gallery wall and new rugs.

So it was time for the little awkward nook to catch up to the rest of the room.

I came up with a plan for some built-ins, a floating bench and of course some shiplap.

And I provided this lovely sketch to Max who got right to work.

He built a frame 18″ off the ground, with all the side pieces secured into studs and a centre brace to prevent sagging.

And then we covered the top and front with this beautiful pine.

Max then got started on the shiplap, which as is elsewhere in our house, is just strips of mahogany underlay. This is a super cheap way to get the look. We used five inch boards.

Next I stained the bench Special Walnut by Minwax and sealed it with poly, and once that was dry I taped it for caulk and paint.

I used this paintable caulk and got all the nail holes and seams.

And then I painted it Blank Page by Beauti-tone.

We finished it off with some hooks custom made by Sam’s Fabrication. It is so hard to find hooks that are simple, sturdy, and inexpensive. It cost the same as buying hooks off the shelf as having these made.

Then I added some pillows. After much debate I decided I love emerald green now and that it goes well with the navy ceiling.

We also added some baskets underneath for texture and a wedding photo above the hooks.

I love the way it turned out and this space looks so much more intentional now.

Let me know if you have any questions.


A Waterfall for the Powder Bath 

When Max and I last went around the house to talk about upcoming and future projects, he was very surprised to learn that our powder room was not completed. 

I have spoken before about how I wanted a waterfall faucet for that room. When I bought the vanity top at Lowes I got a free faucet for it, which was much better than our old one and worked in the meantime while I saved for the new one. 

But when Max learned that the bathroom was not done he told me to just finish it. So I found a deal and ordered it. 

And it is super cool. It has a brushed nickel finish so it matches the rest of the bathroom hardware. 

The opening in the top and the square shape make it feel modern. 

And I made some updates to the other side of the room as well, replacing the crappy outdoor bench we had in here with this wood one that max sanded down and stained to make the wood grain really shine. 

I may have some pictures of the refinishing process that I can include in another post but I will have to dig them up. 

And above that bench I hung this shelf from Homesense. I love the metal work on it. 

Toilet paper is a great decor tool. 

Meanwhile, as I took all these pictures (plus some of the dogs), Max installed the free Lowes faucet upstairs in the main bathroom. The old faucet there was pretty sad so it was a nice upgrade. 

I’m excited about these faucet changes. Now all the powder room needs is a new light fixture and I will be painting the ceiling when that is installed. I hope to pick up the fixture on my next Thunder Bay trip. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Tile Reveals – Powder Bath and Master Ensuite

Oops I didn’t post for two months!

It wasn’t purposeful, it really wasn’t. At some point I just realized it was necessary to put the blog on the backburner while I got married and went on my honeymoon in order to not lose my mind. Because executing a wedding is hard. I need a nap just thinking about it.

The good news is soon I will have wedding pictures to share here.

Until then, I wanted to share a bit of an update and reveal as to all the tile work I had posted about starting back in the summer. Despite not posting about it, the physical work was completed in fairly short order. And I’m OBSESSED with the hex tile I chose.


In the powder room we completed two rows of subway tile above the chunky white countertop we installed not long ago. I used grey grout (Delorean Grey) for some contrast and some caulking in the same shade finished off the edges. The wraparound of this tile is great for splashes, which is good because this bathroom is most used and often used by guests.


In our master ensuite, we completed the floor tile in this beautiful black and white hex pattern.


I love how white and clean it looks now compared to the old linoleum. A new white vanity top and white toilet also helped with the overall brightness of the room.


In this bathroom we also installed a backsplash along the back wall only. It can go a little higher given the mirror placement in here and I finished it with the same grout and caulk.


Now I can’t wait to change out my shower and get all the beige officially out of this room.


The black tiles match the black vanity (Black Cat by Beauti-Tone) perfectly as well.


I have some fresh new hammam towels in here as well.


I am so excited to have one of my four bathrooms so close to being totally completed!

I still hope to find a new light for this space, it still has a dreaded boob light in the meantime.

Let me know if you have any questions.

The Bathroom I Haven’t Shown, My Reasons, and All My Crazy Thoughts


This is the main bathroom in my house. It is at the top of the stairs on the top floor, and is meant to serve the two bedrooms on that floor, meaning it will eventually be the kid’s bathroom (the master has it’s own ensuite, which I talked a bit about here and here). This is the only bathroom of my four (FOUR!) that has a tub. And most importantly, I hate it.

I’ve avoided showing this bathroom on the blog too much because I just can’t seem to make it work. When we moved from the apartment, and went from one bathroom to four, this was the one that got all the old accessories (mostly because it was the only one with a tub so I could use my shower curtain). I’ve been trying and trying to make that scheme work in here and I just can’t do it. So here are a bunch of pictures of it and all my reasons for hating it and not showing it, and all the other crazy thoughts in my head.

I apologize in advance.


I thought for a long time that the main issues in here were that I had painted the vanity the wrong colour (Hearth Stone by Beauti-tone, which is also the colour of my kitchen cabinets) and that the floor was still the old ugly linoleum. But it turns out the whole design plan is bugging me.

No you’re not seeing things, the top drawer of the vanity is a different colour.

I decided I wasn’t going to live with the vanity being the wrong colour (I thought I had really made a huge misstep when I painted it from the original wood) and decided to try some of a different gray on it (My Favourite Sweater by Beauti-tone, which is the colour of the office and the basement bathroom) but that didn’t work with the wall colour (Let’s Get Cozy by Beauti-tone) either.

The struggle is that I only have five paint colours total throughout my house (and then some straight black and white smaller painted things) and I don’t want to expand that number, so I’m trying to work within those colours.


This is the inspiration for the room and is definitely staying. I love the silver frame, I love the matting, and I had the art made for Max a few years ago, they are song lyrics. So, whatever I do has to work with this.


The mirror either has to be replaced or painted. I so want it to match the other accents but it is just too gold. I think if it stays I may paint the frame black. If I find a new mirror, this one will go to the blank wall in the spare room.


And here you can see my colour dilemma. The wall looks a bit more beige in person. I think that maybe the vanity is not the issue and maybe it should stay the darker gray and the walls should go the lighter gray on the top drawer instead of trying to make everything so brown, and then trying to blend a gray vanity in with it.

The bath mat I love, because anchors and it is navy blue, but I’m not sure if it will stay in this bathroom or move to a different one (or maybe even move to my closet? I know it’s a bath mat but I feel like this little rug could be so cute in there).


I think these towels may stay, but I may want hooks instead of a bar here.


And I’m really not sure on the shower curtain, it’s a neutral beige and I like the pattern, but for something so inexpensive that takes up so much visual space, it might be worthwhile to get something more plain?


Up close the pattern is actually little peacocks. Can you see him?


And here is my real problem. The light and the mirror are not centred over the sink. This mirror can’t be unless I change it to vertical, because of the light switch, and the light can’t go over without going down because of the vent. But if I move the light down then this mirror won’t fit vertically anyway.

Also look how GOLD the mirror is compared to the picture frame.


I took the mirror down so I could visualize my options. I know that no matter what, this mirror cannot stay this colour.


Another option is to get a new vanity top with the sink on the left, so then the light and mirror would be centred over the sink with plenty of counter space on the right, but I’m not sure that would work with this vanity and space for the plumbing and I would really rather have it centred. I could do a single wall sconce on each side of the centred mirror, but that means getting an electrician in here. I would use the existing light, that I still love, in another bathroom.

The other problem muddling all this up is that I always planned to keep the almond toilet and tub in here, and the almond countertop, since they are in decent shape and the tub is jetted and I really don’t want to lose that, but I know it would be expensive to replace with a new white jetted tub.

However, I am not sure I can make the colour of them work, and when I flush the toilet the lever leaks water on to my hand. Has this every happened to anybody else’s toilet?

Whenever I do decide, or if I make any updates, I will be sure to update the blog. Until then, please help me if you have any ideas or have thought of something I haven’t.

I will have to talk with Max about what we should do both now and in the long term.


New Flooring in the Master Bedroom Revealed! 

It has been about a month since we started this makeover and I’m very happy to say we have a finished master bedroom and I’m no longer sleeping surrounded by drywall dust!

In the above before photos you can see the carpet that used to be in the bedroom. It was very high pile and full of dirt and things I don’t even want to think about.

Max ripped it out around Christmas, and having no flooring down made for the perfect opportunity to scrape the popcorn ceiling.

This left our bedroom pretty disheveled for a while, but the following after pictures were totally worth it.

Now when you enter the room you notice the flooring right away.

It makes the room feel so much bigger.

The bed is the same except for the added new bedskirt.

We also switched the fur blanket in here for the more gray one which matches the pillows and the walls better.

Our night stands are pretty much back to normal. I like to stack books on here.

The room seems so much lighter and brighter with the new floors. And the new camera lighting helps too.

Under the bed we added some grips to hold the wheels. They are rubber on the bottom so the bed doesn’t roll all over the place and also help protect the floor.

And with that this makeover is complete!

Oh except while taking these pictures I realized I wanted to hang the corner mirror so it didn’t look so stubby. But that’s something I’ll show in a future post.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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The Spare Room is Done!

It’s been a long time coming and I am about to share a million pictures…the spare room is done!

When we initially started on this room back in October the One Room Challenge was just starting up, and I considered joining as a guest participant. Needless to say, 10 weeks later I can say it is a good thing I didn’t, because I would have been a bit off the 6 week timeline!

The pallet wall, although virtually free, took a lot of sweat equity, and is the reason this makeover took so long. Now that it is finally done I am very happy to have my house back in order and my office cleaned up and usable again, at least for a few days before I start ripping the master bedroom apart.

Anyways, on to the photos:

Max was at a fire meeting, so I started to haul the furniture back in by myself once the flooring was done. I laid down this “rug” (aka the blanket I got from HomeSense for $14 in this post that I always thought would make a good rug due to the texture and size), and then set up the metal bed frame.

I moved the boxspring and mattress in, and couldn’t help but make the bed even though I knew Max still had to add the headboard.

Then I put up this galvanized “M” that I picked up at Winners recently. It had two hanging points, so what I do with things like this is use painters tape between the hanging points to measure the distance apart, and then tape that on the wall so I know where to put nails, or in this case, where to drill.

I decided to drill a hole first because I wasn’t about to crack a board on my new pallet wall.

I just drilled on either side of the tape, put a nail in, and hung it up.

It worked out perfectly, I just took down the tape before hanging.

Then Max came home and reinstalled the closet door.

And it was time to install the headboard. This used to hang on the wall, as you can see by the heavy duty hangers on the back. I didn’t want to put these huge hangers into my new pallet wall so I asked Max to give it legs. I made this headboard pre-blog, but you can see a similar one and a how-to here.

In my mind, I just wanted some 2x4s to support it, but we didn’t have any scraps long enough. We decided to use pallet wood instead, which is harder, thinner (so it will sit flatter against the wall) and blends in to the wall behind it in case you see it.

He’s clearly very proud.

Max just screwed the headboard with the new legs to the bed frame and then we pushed it back up against the wall.

Here is the back view. I didn’t bother removing the hanging gear or tape.

I picked up these curtains in HomeSense to finish off the room, as well as a curtain rod (the old one was oak, yuck). I initially wanted velvet, but I think these are even better. They’re a bit of a suede, so they give the same look as velvet would but are lighter and very nice.

Yay! This is the completed room as viewed from the doorway. I hung up the framed feathers I made in this post, and the curtains frame the window perfectly. I moved my little vanity stool in here with a faux sheepskin on top.

The closet offers a nice pop of navy blue colour when opened. I hung Max’s rarely worn suits back up in here.

I love the way the feathers look in here. The texture in this room is out of control.

And a plant! This is a hibiscus I got from my Aunt. I put it in a basket to make it prettier and add MORE texture. It supposedly flowers only one day a year, but I like having the greenery the rest of the time.

The bed looks so good up against the pallet wall. You may notice I don’t have a nightstand in here, because we’re currently using it as a TV stand downstairs until we build a fireplace in the living room. Eventually it will move back in here or I will cave and get a new nightstand.

The way the pallet wood, flooring, and trim and doors all work together is great.

Overall I am very proud of this room (and mostly that wall!) and am already looking forward to getting the last bedroom’s (the master) flooring done!

Here’s the initial design side by side with the finished room for comparison and for fun:

And a bad before and after is necessary:

Let me know if you have any questions.

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The Spare Room Design Plan

When Max and I first moved into the house about a year ago we went on a painting rampage, and within a few months of living here every single room in the house had been painted.

Well, every room but one.

The only room left in our house to paint was the spare bedroom. It remained the baby blue that it had been when we moved in because:

  1. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with this room design-wise anyway, and;
  2. Future plans for the room made it seem crazy to fix it up only to redo it again in a couple years.

You see, in a number of years when we decide to have children, this room will become the nursery. That is not to say anyone should get excited, because I’m talking distant future here, but it certainly didn’t make sense to me to paint and work on a room only to redo it again in a few years.

Luckily, I changed my mind.

I decided it doesn’t make sense to live with something I don’t like for the next three years or so, and I can make changes that will transfer over when we eventually decide to change the purpose of the room.

This combined with the fact that we were taking the carpet out to replace with our laminate flooring anyway, and the fact that the room would have to be painted in order for the trim to meet the wall colour (and I didn’t have any of the old colour to touch up like I had in the office) meant it had to be done.

You may remember what the room used to look like. This picture is from when we were redoing the office next door and so a lot of the furniture was being stored in here but you get the gist – it was nothing special.


Now, all the furniture from this room has been moved to the office. I also moved all of my makeup into the bathroom where I get ready, and my storage cart of extra products to the powder room next to the bench. So far I like having it down there. I think I may end up selling my vanity desk but I haven’t decided yet.


While I was away last week in Thunder Bay, Max pulled up all the carpet in this room, along with the underlayment, and the staples, similar to what we did for the office floor here.


And now we have this wonderful blank slate.



The thing on the wall is the headboard for the twin bed. I will take that down before we paint don’t worry.


You may have noticed that this room also has popcorn ceilings and a hideous fan. I always planned to replace the fan, but was just going to live with the ceiling until Max changed my mind last night.


We have popcorn in a handful of rooms in this house, just the living room, and bedrooms (as far as I can remember), and maybe a little bit in half of the banquette area too. Max’s argument was that if we were going to do it, we might as well do it now while we don’t have floors down and we plan to paint anyway. He said that it might be good to try removing it in this smaller room as a test to see if we want to tackle it in some of the other larger rooms.

I have no problem with the scraping of the popcorn ceiling, but I am worried about floating it afterwards (mudding and sanding) because I know how much we hated drywalling the bar. Therefore, I let Max decide whether we were going to take this on.

And he said “F it let’s do it.”

So we are.

I hope to start on the scraping tonight and I will of course post about the entire process, as well as periodically posting on our progress redoing this little bedroom.

Until then, have a look at some of my ideas.


This was my original design plan, on the floor of the room and in my head, arranging some pallet wood and paint swatches together until I found a scheme I liked. I actually only have four wall colours throughout my house, and I wanted to stay within those (for consistency and a whole house colour scheme, which I may talk about in a future post) so it wasn’t too difficult of a decision. I have always wanted a pallet wall, I love the texture and colour of pallet wood, and when we made our pallet bar, I was even more convinced to try and use it as a wall treatment. I decided to accent the back wall in this room (like I had in the office with the stripes) with a pallet wall and I couldn’t be more excited to see how it turns out. I initially contemplated painting the room navy (because it’s me) but I decided that might look to dark, especially with the wood wall being so heavy already.

So, I plan to paint the walls Blank Page by Beauti-Tone, with a pallet wall accent and the inside of the closet will be Rooftop at Midnight by Beauti-Tone for a fun pop of colour.

Then I decided to be a legitimate decorator and use Photoshop for a real design plan. I took a Media Arts course when I was in Grade 10 where I spent the majority of my time photoshopping hilarious pictures of my friends and this is where it got me, which for my first design plan I think is pretty good.


You can see the wall and closet colours I mentioned, along with the pallet wall. I have the headboard I made and upholstered in there, along with our spare twin bed and some plain gray bedding. I also have a fun pillow on the bed that I have had for years and I love in the space. I may get a new table, as I really want something metal like the one shown, or I may stick with my old wooden nightstand. I love the idea of velvet curtains in the space and I found this awesome flush mount light at Canadian Tire for $34.99.

I don’t have a lot of the smaller design elements and “knick-knacks” picked yet but I do plan on hanging these feather photos in the space.


I think this room will be super fun and I will of course update you along the way.

Let me know if you have any questions!


The Rest Of The Basement

I realized during the bar reveal that I hadn’t done a tour of the rest of the basement on the blog. This was probably because when we moved in it was an awful tan colour (including the ceiling) and the entire room was much too brown for my taste.

But I fixed that so now you can see it.


From the base of the stairs you can pretty well see the bulk of the room. To the right is the pool table and dart board (the “games area”).



To the left are the couches and TV (the “sitting area”). You can also see a bit of the bar around the corner there.


The pool table came with the house and was a major selling point for Max. I’m really not great with a pool cue. For Christmas I got Max a ping pong topper for the table which works well for ping pong as well as beer pong – hence the cups.


I also got the dartboard for Max for Christmas. I ordered it from Costco online and it came in two days and I still can’t get over it. I like that it folds nicely away. Through that door is the basement bathroom.



The shower curtain is from Home Hardware. The mirror is from Home Sense. I updated the room with paint – on the walls and pole, the vanity, the towel bar, you name it.


This deer painted on wood bridges the games and sitting areas. It is from Coco Kisses Distressed Designs in Winnipeg and we picked it up at the home show.


The couches came with the house and I made some elk pillows for them recently. The wolf blanket is from Wal-Mart and my end table is thrifted. I painted it navy of course.


Max made my blanket ladder and the ski pillows are from HomeSense. They were $6 a piece, and are down filled. That’s a steal and I think the skis look cool in this “man-cave” space.

Some close-ups of the pillows.


Our TV stand is from IKEA (Hemnes line) and I made the curtains from the same navy fabric that I used on my bedroom curtains.


The coffee table is also IKEA (Vittsjo) and I have some décor on the surfaces.



My galvanized lanterns are thrifted.


On the coffee table I have a tray with some coasters and “man-cave” books. Max found this candle in HomeSense and we corral the remotes here as well.




Here you can see how the bar area relates to the rest of the room.

I have several photos up in the sitting area as well, a collage of pictures from my sister, and some engagement photos.

In the corner is one of our SONOS speakers and a basket for blankets.


Let me know if you have any questions on this space.

The Bar Is Done! 

It took six months and there was a point in the middle of dry-walling when I thought we may perish but the bar is finally done!

This post is going to be long. And it will have a lot of pretty bad pictures because I wasn’t expecting to post them when I was taking progress pictures back in January. Plus it’s a basement so it’s inherently dark.

When we first decided we wanted a pallet bar we thought we would put it in the corner of the existing basement footprint. Also Max thought he could just carriage bolt two pallets together and call it a day. I think he realized how wrong he had been when our entire house was covered in an inch thick layer of drywall dust.

The corner in question was about six feet from the pool table and after putting painters tape on the floor in a bunch of configurations we decided it just wouldn’t work.

So we weighed our other options. The basement when we moved in was only half finished, with a main area and a bathroom. There were three additional rooms, a huge laundry room, a huge furnace room, and a room under the porch where the freezers are.

The reasoning is that the old owners were much too into gardening and needed plant storage. We didn’t need plant storage so we decided to kick down a wall. I put my foot through it on January 1st. It was very exciting.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of that part.

Basically, we demolished the old wall of the furnace room and put up a new wall further back, so the furnace was still enclosed but in a much smaller area. This made our common area a lot bigger. It also meant we had to drywall the unfinished area.


Dry-walling is the worst and I will never do it again. We dry-walled for a month at least and everything was dusty. All the time. We dry-walled a ceiling!

We also had a friend do some wiring to move some things over and make sure our switches were all sorted out. There was a lot of wiring in the old wall that had to be moved. And the lights needed to be moved over. And I needed an outlet for a blender behind the bar.

Max and Cam built the new wall and Max installed the door (which took weeks to come in and made him swear a bit).

We also painted the area navy blue (Rooftop at Midnight by Beauti-Tone).  Since the common area was previously all beige (including the ceiling) we took the opportunity to paint the ceiling in the whole room white and the walls in the rest of the area Lets Get Cozy by Beauti-Tone.


Since we obviously didn’t have any flooring and the carpet ended abruptly we decided to do a ripped plywood floor.


I selected plywood boards myself one by one, much to the annoyance of the Home Hardware guy. Max and Cam ripped it into five inch planks and then glued and nailed it down. I stained it by hand with a little foam brush and a lot of paper towels in Minwax Jacobean. It was terrifying I had never stained this large of an area before.

We also installed some new track lights that matched the ones in the rest of the room.

We installed a hammered metal transition plate and Max and Cam started building the frame of the bar. They left a space for the mini fridge and a bar height and counter height surface.

Max spent hours ripping pallet boards off pallets from work and I ordered them and we nailed them in place. We put a piece of mahogany underlay beneath it so it wouldn’t be see through. He also installed brackets to make the bar counter stronger.



Then we installed a reclaimed wood shelf behind the bar and we waited for a countertop for months and months.

Finally we got the beautiful reclaimed boards.


Max planed them and jointed them and what not and glued them into beautiful countertops.


And finally we had counters.



It was very exciting. He even did the corner piece and exceeded all my expectations.



I stained it in a mix of Varathane Sunbleached and Minwax Jacobean and sealed it with a thick coat of Polyurethane in a satin finish.

I ordered these tin signs from Poster Revolution for the opposite wall.

And we ordered pretty matte galvanized stools to break up all the wood in the area.

And finally…

It’s done! Remy is very excited.



I love it and we’re very proud. We also put pallet boards on the back side between the counters.

My glasses look really cute in my tray with the new marble coasters.

We ordered the stools from Wayfair and couldn’t be happier with them. They are much more sturdy than all the ones we tried out in the city. And at a much lower price point! The hatch on the floor is the sump pump and can be easily lifted if need be.


Here you can see the view from behind the bar into the sitting area and to the pool table.

We’re already enjoying it.

Let me know if you have any questions! This was definitely the biggest project we’ve done but it was totally worth it!


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The Kitchen

At this point I’ve shown most of the rooms in the house here on the blog. I even have a “Room Tours” tab up at the top of the site where you can find them all in one place. The only rooms I’ve left out have been deliberate – either because they’re not satisfactory to me, or because we’re currently working on them and I’m waiting for a big reveal.

Except the kitchen. I don’t know how I forgot the kitchen.

We did a lot of work on this room  when we first moved in, and continue to change little things to make it our own. I have even more plans for the kitchen in the future, but for now it’s way better than the one we initially walked into ( I admit I was so blown away by my love of the floors that I may have ignored the orangey-red cabinets surrounding them).



The kitchen is located at the back of the house, and this is my view when I enter from the mudroom off the garage (above). This is about half of a big L-shaped room, to the left of this photo is the kitchen banquette. 895

This view (above) is from the dining room looking the other way. You can see the mudroom doorway and Remy’s dishes, as well as my cutlery clock. I will take a sunburst in any form.



On our peninsula we have a counter overhang that allows for a few stools to eat at. On top of the peninsula I keep my everyday wooden cutting board (made by Grandpa Lew for Christmas) and our mail sorter.


We have some large pantry-style cabinets in this kitchen that I love, it was a game-changer in terms of food storage. We painted all the cupboards Hearth Stone by Beauti-tone which unfortunately was before the blog was in existence. It was quite a process and would have been good to document here. We basically took off every door  and numbered them all, painted both sides of the doors and the bases, and reinstalled with new hinges and hardware (there was depressing brass everywhere before).


We installed this open shelving ourselves. The brackets are from IKEA and I love the industrial vibe they give off. The wood we used had to be special ordered and is not reclaimed, but I tried to make it look as if it could be by not sanding it too much before staining in Minwax Jacobean.


My banana tree, Bose speaker so I can jam while I cook, and cookie jar sit on the stretch of counter next to the sink. My cookie jar is from Superstore, is owl shaped, and holds Remy’s treats.


On top of my pantry cupboards I have some wine in a rack I got from the Salvation Army and some mason jar décor.


Next to my stove I have this spoon rest from Target (RIP), a container of EVOO for cooking, and these jars of flour, sugar, and brown sugar on a cute cake stand from HomeSense.


On the other side is my toaster. I always keep my kettle and a candle on my stove as well. We hope to add an exhaust fan sometime soon but it is difficult to find a recirculating model at a good price point, since this is an interior wall.


Above my fridge I have my cookbook stand which I use to hold my cookbooks while I’m prepping (or the iPad), as well as my marble mortar and pestle and this cool jug that I got at a recent garage sale.

Yes I have a YOLO magnet. Because YOLO.


On the other side I keep my microwave and my Kitchen-Aid mixer (colour is ice blue) as well as my knife set. On top of the cupboards I have some Coca-Cola memorabilia (I’m a big fan) and if you look to the left you can see my golden retriever puppies calendar, an essential.


My sink is below the window which is nice, and I have the necessary soap and sponges around it as well as my dish drying rack for things that have to be hand-washed.

We recently replaced the faucet as the old one had rusted right through the spout.


Old faucet (above).


New faucet (above). I went with an industrial style faucet or “commercial” faucet with a coil. I like the look and I love the functionality of it so far! It’s really nice to only have one handle now, perfect for when you only have one free hand.


We also changed all the lighting in here recently. Brass monstrosities used to haunt my dreams but now I have beautiful black based schoolhouse style fixtures. You can see them in some of the above pictures, but the best view can be seen in this post. They are from Canadian tire and the over the sink fixture is from IKEA.

In the future we want to install a DIY backsplash but that won’t happen until we install new marble look quartz countertops without a lip. I’m dreaming into the distant future here. We also need a range hood/exhaust fan as I previously mentioned but I love the progress we have made from my original orange kitchen!


Especially that faucet at night in the spotlight.

Let me know if you have any questions on this room.