The Office and How to Stripe A Wall 

This is one of the more recent rooms in the house I’ve completed, and it has a lot of titles. I like to call it the office because that is what I originally intended it to be and Max requested an office, not a sewing room. Sometimes we also call it Max’s room (not because it is where I’ve banished Max, only because he uses the closet in there because he’s the best and gave me the walk-in in the master to myself).

I digress.

This room was yellow when we moved in and stayed that way for a long time until someone told me it made them feel sick to be in there and I figured I better change it. I painted it gray (My Favorite Sweater by Beauti-tone) on New Years Eve (before I started drinking). The stripes were done after the hangover subsided.

How to stripe a wall:

  1. Paint the whole wall in the first colour (the gray for me) and let dry
  2. Measure your wall and divide the total measurement as well as you can into the number of stripes you want (my 8 ft wall with oak trim took 9 stripes). Try to make the width of each stripe as close to a whole measurement as you can (measuring to 1/16th of an inch nine times will get old)
  3. Mark each stripe with a pencil on the wall. I used a metre stick for straight lines
  4. Tape on the bottom edge and the top edge of each colour you’re going to paint with your second colour (so the stripe is in the middle of the tape)
  5. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP -no pressure. Take the first colour (my gray) and use it to “seal” the tape by brushing along each edge. This ensures crisp lines since any bleeding will be in the first colour from that first coat
  6. Paint the stripe your second colour (my white-which is really a very light gray-is Blank Page by Beauti-tone)
  7. Done! Unless this was confusing in which case comment and I’ll help you. Or call me if you know me and maybe I’ll come over and help you if there is food involved

My gallery wall came entirely from one HomeSense trip. I’m thinking of doing a post on how I put together gallery walls in the future. This one has our whole house paint colours on a bulletin board, a clock to break up the straight lines, and of course some Remy pictures because CUTE.

The chair is from HomeSense as well.

The table came from a Facebook group auction site -STORAGE WARS SIOUX LOOKOUT. When I got it it was ugly and oak so I painted the base in the Blank Page colour from the stripes and sanded and beat up the top with a screwdriver before staining in Minwax Jacobean and adding a coat of Polycrylic (which doesn’t yellow like Polyurethane because it is water based and not oil based).

My sewing machine is a Singer, and I added a Bath and Body Works candle, Max’s laptop, and my sewing bag (from Alanna for Christmas). If there is anything else that I have not sourced feel free to leave a comment about it.

The gun cabinet was Max’s find. We got it from a guy in Dryden who was selling because he was building a bigger one for himself (which I hope we never need). We put it in here for now because it was a blank wall that needed something but I think eventually it will go downstairs somewhere.

This will likely become a kids room eventually, which is why I picked the stripes, but don’t tell Max or my Mom because one of them will get too excited and the other wil get too scared. For now it functions well as my sewing room-I mean the office, but we will still be making a few changes. We’d eventually like to change the floors so we can put the closet door back up (it’s off because the carpet is so high pile and fluffy that the door can’t open very well and Max was annoyed). If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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